Psychologist of Tiktok

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

Psychologist of TikTok, Dr. D’Arienzo on Real Time with Bill Maher (Mar 11, 2022)!!!

I am amazed at what goes viral too, Real Time with Bill Maher! Thank you for thinking my TikTok video was funny enough to highlight during your show with a live audience in two years!!.

You’d think the advice was a no brainer about knowing when a relationship is over, but lots of couples struggle to know when it is time to move on!

Famous Tiktok Psychologist
(Picture: dr.justindarienzo/TikTok

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How do you know when you need to leave your relationship? See below for the stages of a dying relationship. 
  1. You are no longer interested in physical and emotional intimacy.
  2. You would rather be alone than spend time with your partner, and you negotiate time away from them.
  3. Every discussion, even the insignificant, leads to conflict.
  4. You judge your partner and everything about them annoys you.
  5. The final blow: Indifference sets in, and you just don’t care anymore.

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