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Hello, my name is Dr. Justin D’Arienzo. I am a licensed (clinical and forensic) psychologist and a relationship expert based in Jacksonville, Florida. I hold licenses in both FL and TX. While I would be honored to be your personal psychologist, it is important to note that I cannot assume this role unless you have provided your consent to work with me.

My social media posts are intended for educational purposes only and are based on general statements supported by research and the collective knowledge of the field of psychology. Please keep in mind that any information I provide is not healthcare advice tailored to your specific situation.

That being said, I am always open to discussing your circumstances in a live or recorded format for educational purposes. So, if you have any questions or would like to engage in a conversation, feel free to drop me a message. Let’s be bold together!

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Relationship Advice from Instagram Psychologist, Dr. D’Arienzo

A young woman DM’d me upset that her BF kept bringing up his ex and asked why he’s doing that. Psychologically speaking, it’s usually not a good thing if your partner talks about their ex a lot but there are different reasons why & you need to be able to determine which might be the reason. They might still love their ex, they consider their ex a backup plan to you or they’re grieving their relationship. If they cannot move on, you have to. They might compare you to their ex – making you feel like they want you to be more or less like them. Even if it’s less, coming from a relationship psychologist, it’s rarely a good idea to do so. The least concerning reason is if they didn’t have a messy break up and they’re truly just friends. They didn’t burn any bridges so they are both able to reflect on the good times they shared without wanting to get back with them. But regardless of the reason your partner might be bringing up their ex, if it makes you uncomfortable, tell them that. If they continue to do so, they’re being disrespectful to your feelings & may show that they might be bringing up their ex for the wrong reasons. Be bold & don’t stay in an uncomfortable relationship. Always talk to your partner about your feelings and concerns and welcome professional help if necessary.

Everyone wants to believe they’re not replaceable but sorry to break it to you, we all are. But there’s one thing you can do to make you seem less replaceable to your partner.

You need to maintain your mate value. So many people get in a relationship & get comfortable or lazy and “let themselves go.” You need to keep up your physique, your mental health, hygiene, motivation and all the things that attracted your partner in the first place if you don’t want them to replace you. Be bold & don’t lose yourself in your relationship!

Do you miss the days you & your partner used to rip each other’s clothes off? You’ve been dating a while & it’s starting to feel more like a chore than anything. This is completely normal in a long-term relationship but you need to bring that sense of lust back into the bedroom if you’re going to last forever. So what do you do?! Spice it up with different positions, role play, lingerie, toys – whatever you both feel comfortable with to add some excitement. Remember intimacy is about more than just the act of seggs. Try giving your partner a foot massage or texting them a seggsy photo saying you miss them. Work on the emotional connection. See if that translates to physical intimacy later. Focus on the ride, not the destination. Enjoy the moment you’re in with your partner, not just trying to make the other orgasm.

Dr, Justin D'Arienzo Psychologist

Relationship Advice and Psychological Information from Instagram Psychologist, Dr. D'Arienzo

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