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Dr. D’Arienzo, Psychologist and Relationship Expert, Online Marriage Tune Up Course

Online Marriage Tune Up Course $24.99

An intensive four hour interactive couples online marriage tune up course that can be completed by watching videos or reading material. Both the video and reading materials are included in the course. The program is designed to be completed individually or as a couple for the price of $24.99.

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To sign up for Dr. D’Arienzo’s Online couples counseling marriage tune up course, please follow these simple steps:

1. The cost of the online course is $24.99. Click on the Buy Now link below and make your payment through your Paypal account or pay as a Guest with Paypal. Both are quick methods for payment.

2.  Once you pay through Paypal, you will be directed to a password and instructions page.  To access the password and instructions page, once you have paid for the course through Paypal, a confirmaton window will appear. There is a Return to Merchant Button at the bottom of this Paypal Confirmation Window. Click it for the Course Password and Instructions. You can then login to Dr. D’Arienzo’s Online Couples Therapy Program on the courses tab at

3. The course takes approximately 4 hours to complete. You will have 90 days to complete the program.

For questions, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 904-379-8094.


All marriages and relationships go through rough patches – most of the time we are able to get through these rough spots and pull through.  But every once in a while, we get stuck or the problem is too large for us to solve on our own. This is where Dr. D’Arienzo’s Online Couples Therapy Marriage Tune Up Course, an online marriage and relationship program can help! It can help you solve the problems and get back on the road to a healthy and strong marriage or relationship.

Our Online Couples Therapy Program was developed by Justin D’Arienzo, Psychologist and Relationship Expert.  This confidential course was designed for you to do on your own or together, in your own home, without needing to meet with a couples therapist.  It is designed to help those couples who are facing moderate problems improve their relationship.

The video below was designed for our previous website. A new video is under construction; however, the instruction and information still applies (Many apologies!).

The course length and objectives: The course length is approximately four hours. You will learn how to establish the necessary ingredients of a successful relationship, how to understand your partner’s needs and wants, and how to understand your partner’s personality and temperament. You will also learn how to better manage money together. Your relationship will be strengthened if you put effort into our course and you are open minded. The course benefits those married, in relationships, and those who are single and want to learn from their past mistakes in order to have more successful relationships in the future.

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

You can either watch the video presentation at the beginning of each section or read through the course section material below the video presentation in order to complete the course. 


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