Best Wedding Venues in South Carolina

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Welcome to our official fully online, self-paced South Carolina Premarital Education Course! At the bottom of this page, we have hand-selected the best wedding venues in South Carolina.

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Hi, I am Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, a Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist and National Relationship Expert. Welcome to the Official $25 South Carolina Premarital Counseling Program Online Course. We have serviced this course for couples since 2012! Our course will help you acquire the skills and the requirements for a successful and happy marriage. In addition, you will save lots of money on your South Carolina marriage license. I am a recognized South Carolina minister with D’Arienzo Ministries. I am certified to provide this course in all 46 South Carolina counties. We are the only South Carolina premarital course that is offered by a board-certified clinical psychologist and national relationship expert.

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Best Wedding Venues in South Carolina




















1. Tanglewood Plantation – Lynchburg, South Carolina












2. Lowndes Grove Plantation – Charleston, South Carolina


3. Brookgreen Gardens – Murrells Inlet, South Carolina





















4. Cannon Green – Charleston, South Carolina

5. Wildberry Farm – Marion, South Carolina
























6. The Cedar Room – Charleston, South Carolina

7. Wavering Place – Eastover, South Carolina

8. Legare Waring House – Charleston, South Carolina

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9. Coleman Hall and Chapel – Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

10. William Aiken House – Charleston, South Carolina