Online Counseling

Do not let privacy concerns or distance keep you from getting the right type of help!

Finding competent assistance is crucial to getting better!

Covid-19 is upon us, and we are ready to serve you now. We are utilizing a HIPAA Compliant Videoconference System. We have a Business Associate Agreement with G-Suite to Ensure Your Safety, Privacy, and Confidentiality. Our system is smooth and user friendly. Your online experience will be as if you are in one of our offices.

If you are extremely concerned about confidentiality, anonymity, privacy, or welcome the extra convenience of participating in counseling in the comfort of your own home, then you may consider participating in online counseling with one of our psychologists, therapists, or counselors. We provide online counseling services around the globe whether you are dealing with marital problems, infidelity, anxiety, depression, or just need to learn how to better cope with your circumstances.

We have been providing online counseling services for over a decade and have found that rapport and connection today are easily established based on many recent technological advances. Our clients report that they quickly feel comfortable utilizing this method and feel as if we are in the same room. Body language and facial expressions can be exchanged in real time, and documents and lessons can be viewed and shared simultaneously. It is truly as if face to face counseling were taking place in the room at our office despite being completely online. We use special cameras and microphones to enhance the experience for our online counseling clients.

We typically use Skype or FaceTime as platforms for online counseling, and use our personal Skype accounts or company Skype Business account upon request for added security.

Call us if your are interested in utilizing our online counseling services

Dr. D’Arienzo is a psychologist and founder of D’Arienzo Psychological Group. He has clients from all over the world. His Skype user name is j.darienzo 

Our other providers’ contacts are available upon request.

Contact us at [email protected] or 904-379-8094 to schedule an appointment or to inquire more about our online counseling services.