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Discrete, Confidential, and Accessible

Have you ever wanted to make a significant change but could not find a local life coach or the right person to help you? Was there no one that possessed the qualifications that you sought or were you afraid of running into someone at the office? We completely understand, and believe you deserve the best credentialed life coaches on the market possible. That is why we offer our life coaching services online globally. We have clients all over the world that we meet by Skype or Facetime and help them make changes at work, in their relationships, or by just helping them to better themselves. All of our life coaches are licensed mental health providers in the state of Florida. They are licensed psychologists, licensed social workers, and licensed mental health counselors. As licensed psychological practitioners, they are uniquely qualified to administer psychological techniques that will motivate you and expedite your change process.

Please be aware that a “life coach” with merely a coaching certification just means that the “coach” went to a few weekend courses and took a basic test about coaching. Our life coaches have licenses to practice psychology and counseling and several have doctorate degrees. Are you looking for a coach with a weekend certification or are you looking for a doctor that is also a life coach?

We have been providing online life coaching services for over a decade and have found that a coach-coachee relationship can be established quickly based on many recent technological advances. We use special cameras and microphones to enhance the experience for our online coaching clients. Our online life coaching clients indicate they feel comfortable quickly utilizing an online method despite some initial reservations. Body language and facial expressions can be exchanged in real time, and documents and lessons can be viewed and shared simultaneously. It is truly as if life coaching were taking place in the room at our office with you in it despite being completely online. We know that you will be quite satisfied with our services.

We typically use Skype or FaceTime as platforms for online life coaching, and use our personal Skype accounts or company Skype Business account upon request for added security.

Call us if your are interested in utilizing our online life coaching services

Dr. D’Arienzo is a psychologist and founder of D’Arienzo Psychological Group. He has clients from all over the world. His Skype user name is j.darienzo 

Our other providers’ contacts are available upon request.

Please note that we offer telephonic life coaching if you lack the connectivity for video conferencing with one of our life coaches.

Contact us at [email protected] or 904-379-8094 to schedule an appointment or to inquire more about our online life coaching services.








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