Negative Online Reviews

Negative Online Reviews

To Whom It May Concern,

Psychologists’ professional Ethics Code and the laws governing psychology generally do not allow me to respond to individual complaints online because I cannot publicly acknowledge whether I have seen a particular forensic client or clinical patient. We must protect the confidentiality of each person who comes to see us. We encourage forensic clients or clinical patients to talk privately with the psychologist involved in their case about any concerns they may have before posting a review. Most of our clients and patients have told us that they are very satisfied with our services; however, when conducting forensic psychological services (social investigations, parenting coordination, parental fitness evaluations, testifying in court about parental alienation, abuse, or other relevant issues), especially in family law matters, and particularly in high-conflict ones, at least one party is unsatisfied and sometimes angry. We have been serving the court system in Northeast Florida since 2008 and despite working with many high-conflict families, most have been satisfied.

We continue to work to improve our services but realize that in forensic matters it is impossible to please all parties when our role is comparing parents to determine what is in the best interest of children, when making other high-stakes determinations for the Court, getting high conflict divorced parents to co-parent and to follow time sharing orders, or when we are hired exclusively by either the defense or plaintiff’s counsel.

The court system can be quite adversarial at times, and sometimes psychologists must hire their own attorneys and remove themselves or conflict out of cases because of a party’s behavior. I have never been disqualified on a case or not been qualified to testify on a clinical or forensic psychological matter, but I have chosen to conflict out of cases because of certain attorneys’ behavior, the behavior of clients, and the behavior of clients’ children on multiple occasions.

Again, I am unable to speak about your case specifically, but your feedback will be utilized to adjust how we conduct our business.

This is our general response to negative online reviews for clinical patients and forensic clients which is an adaptation from APA’s online article, Managing fallout from online reviews found at When receiving negative online reviews, if appropriate, we respond by leaving the link to this page.