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Dr. Justin D’Arienzo

Hi, My name is Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, I am a clinical and forensic psychologist and relationship expert located in Jacksonville, Florida, licensed in FL and TX. I would love to be your psychologist, but if you have not signed a consent to see me personally, then I am not your psychologist. Please note that my social media posts are educational in nature. I make general statements that are supported by research and the field’s general knowledge about psychology. Please don’t consider my information healthcare advice specific to your situation. However, I am always open to discuss your situation in a live format or in a recorded video, but again, for educational purposes.  Drop me a message. Let’s be bold together!    


Relationship Advice from your TikTok Psychologist:

Is it a good relationship that leads to better mental health or is it better mental health that leads to a better relationship? Both are true and psychologists call this a bidirectional relationship. So, if you want a way to improve your mental health, then improve your relationship.

What type of personalities are best in relationships? Psychologists break a personality down into five spectrums: extraversion (outgoing), agreeableness (getting along with others), openness to experience (trying new things), conscientiousness (reliability), and neuroticism (over emotional).

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Psychological and Relationship Advice from TikTok Psychologist, Dr. Justin D'Arienzo

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