Psychological Public Disability Questionnaires (DBQ)

We provide Private DBQ’s for Veterans

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Dr. D’Arienzo is a Veteran and Former Navy Psychologist. His practice is uniquely qualified to provide your DBQ or Nexus Letter.  DBQs, or Disability Benefits Questionnaires, play an essential role in gathering vital medical data for your disability claim. These forms, attached below, when completed by your healthcare provider, serve as concrete evidence supporting your claim for disability benefits. Thus, make sure to have the appropriate DBQs filled out and submitted by your healthcare provider that aligns with your disability conditions. As psychologists, we can complete your DBQ, to assist you in receiving the compensation you deserve.

Veteran Psychologist Helping other Veterans!

Navy Psychologist Dr. Justin D'Arienzo

Please note, that the VA nor Tricare provide payment or reimbursements for any costs associated with the completion or submission of DBQs. The Veteran is responsible for 100% of the cost.

In most situations, you will qualify for a complimentary disability examination provided by the VA. However, there may be certain circumstances where the VA deems an extra disability examination is necessary to finalize your claim, which is where we also come into play.

Much of the process can be conducted virtually, but you will need to finalize the process by coming into our office in person to finalize your DBQ.

Psychological DBQ’s

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