Online Tennessee Premarital Preparation Course

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP


Are you planning a wedding in Tennessee and wondering how you can save money on your Tennessee Marriage License? Well, we can help with that in addition to helping you learn a lot about your self and your partner. We offer an online Tennessee Premarital Preparation Course that will allow you to save $60 dollars on your marriage license. Our course is $30.00 per couple, takes four hours to complete, and is completely online. Once you complete the course, we will mail you a notarized form confirming that you have successfully completed the course. You then take the notarized certificate to the Court House when you apply for your marriage license.

TN premarital preparation course

We have been providing online premarital preparation courses in several states since 2012. Unfortunately, all states in the U.S. do not provide this benefit. However, if you are a Tennessee resident or you are getting married in Tennessee, you do get this saving benefit.

Our Tennessee premarital course covers communication, conflict resolution, meeting your partners needs, understanding your own needs, taking a personality profile and understanding how your profile fits with your partner’s profile, managing finances together, and so much more.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our course, or check out information on our site about the course at Tennessee Premarital Preparation Course.

Once you have completed the Online Tennessee Premarital Preparation Course we will send you an official notarized certificate to ensure you receive $60 off your Tennessee Marriage License!

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