Why ‘How Not To F*ck Up Your Life’ Should Be Your Next Relationship Manual

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP


Why ‘How Not To F*ck Up Your Life’ Should Be Your Next Relationship Manual

How Not to F*uck Up Your Life

“How Not To F*ck Up Your Life: The Art and Science of Finding the Right Partner—and Being the Right Partner—to Create a Lasting Happy Relationship” by Dr. Justin A. D’Arienzo is a comprehensive guide on forming and sustaining successful relationships. Dr. D’Arienzo blends research, psychology, and personal anecdotes to explore the complexities of romantic relationships and how individuals can both choose and be the right partners. This book is the next manual for having a relationship.

The book opens by discussing the modern dynamics of dating and marriage, emphasizing the discrepancy between what people think makes a relationship work and what actually does. It details common misconceptions and mistakes people make, often influenced by societal changes and the rise of digital interaction, which reshape our expectations and experiences of partnership.

Central to the book is the “D’Arienzo Model,” which provides a framework for understanding mate selection and relationship dynamics. This includes a discussion on how human evolution and psychological factors influence our choices in partners. Dr. D’Arienzo stresses the importance of understanding one’s “mate value” and compatibility with a potential partner, arguing that alignment in values, goals, and personality traits is crucial for lasting relationships.

The transition to parenthood is another significant focus, exploring how couples can navigate the challenges that arise when expanding their family. This section underscores the importance of maintaining a strong partnership amidst the new pressures and responsibilities of parenthood.

The book is particularly candid about the pitfalls of ignoring compatibility in favor of superficial attractions or settling for partners based on incomplete assessments of character and potential. Dr. D’Arienzo uses case studies and stories from his practice to illustrate how misalignments in values, lifestyle choices, or expectations can undermine relationships.

Finally, the conclusion of the book serves as a call to action for readers to be proactive about becoming educated and intentional about their relationships. It emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and mutual growth, advocating for a realistic yet optimistic approach to building and sustaining love.

Overall, Dr. D’Arienzo combines empirical research with practical advice, aiming to equip readers with the tools necessary for not just finding but also nurturing healthy, fulfilling relationships. He advocates for a thoughtful, informed approach to dating and marriage, urging readers to consider long-term compatibility alongside immediate attraction.

How Not to F*uck Up Your Life




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