Online Florida Premarital Preparation Course

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

Online Florida Premarital Preparation Course

Save Money on Your Marriage License and Avoid the Three Day Wait with DPG’s Online Florida Premarital Preparation Course.

Thank you for your interest in our Online Florida Premarital Preparation Course.  Our course was released in March 2013. We are certified in most counties in Florida to provide this course.

You will save $32.50 on your marriage license by taking our $19.99 four hour course.

My name is Dr. Justin D’Arienzo. I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator, Parenting Coordinator, Custody Evaluator, and Relationship Expert. I am also known as the Relationship Doctor of Jacksonville, Florida. I do hope that you choose to participate in our online premarital preparation course. Getting a marriage started on the right foot from the beginning is important and leads to a happy and harmonious relationships.

Marriage is a challenge and couples need to ensure they have adequate relationship and communication skills to make it work successfully. It takes two individuals fully willing to give each other and their children 100 percent at all times. Marriage takes commitment, trust, and hard work.

Our course requires a commitment from two parties to complete this course together. Completing this course together is an act of love and should be viewed this way based on the time commitment it will take to finish. If you are unable to get your partner to complete the course with you, it is certainly suited to be taken by oneself as well. If you are taking it alone, use it as a tool to reflect on past relationships and to ensure you have a healthy vision for a future relationship.

The course is broken into five sections. The first four sections include information and exercises for you to complete with your partner. The course was designed for couples to complete together. The entire course takes about four hours to complete. Some people spend more time on the course and some less. It is entirely self paced. It is up to you to complete  the recommended exercises. In the last section, you will be asked to take a quiz. Once you complete the quiz, you will be forwarded a certificate of completion either by email or mail.

Please contact us at 904-379-8094 or [email protected] if you have any questions about our premarital preparation course.  Click Online Florida Premarital Preparation Course to access our course.