Florida Premarital Preparation Course Psychologist

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

Thoughts to consider before taking a Florida Premarital Preparation Course

My name is Dr. Justin D’Arienzo. I am a board certified clinical psychologist and relationship expert. I have been practicing psychology for nearly two decades and have been working with couples for nearly two decades as well. Before people get married, it’s important that they have realistic ideas about the level of commitment they are making, and all too often couples have unrealistic expectations and have needs that go unmet. This is why it’s crucial for those getting married to take a premarital type of course or premarital class that offers an opportunity to learn about one’s dreams and about one’s partner’s dreams and ensures that they or you are willing and committed to making those dreams come true.

It is also important to take a premarital course that assists you in creating a financial plan for the future that you both agree upon. You also need a premarital class that will help you to understand your personality profile and your future partner’s to ensure that you both are a good fit for each other.  You need to know how your personalities fit. I like to say that you both need to be black belts in communication and conflict resolution, so make sure your premarital course covers that as well because life has a way of creating major dilemmas so you better be ready for this because you are going to have to navigate life with this partner and this partner better be someone that has your back and someone whose back you have.  Again, you need a course that will teach you both and ensure that you both are willing and able to protect the other.  Fortunately, you have stumbled on firm that offers such a course.

I often wonder why in the world, when one needs to take a driving test to receive a driver’s license to drive, why one does not need to take a relationship test or marriage test to receive a marriage license. Surely being married has as great as an impact and as much of a responsibility as driving. Consider that a single marriage impacts many more people for generations to come. With this in mind, we have created a science based and data driven Florida premarital preparation course. If you are in fact spending the time to take a 4 hour course with your future spouse, that you chose the best course and the one that has been created by the most highly credentialed professional like a board certified psychologist. Our course is $19.99 per couple and allows you to skip the three day wait. You will save a total of $32.50 on your marriage license and set yourselves apart from others less prepared for the responsibilities of marriage. We know that you will love and benefit from our Florida premarital course!!! Good luck and congratulations. Check out our online FL premarital course website for more information at /courses/premarital-preparation-course-florida/