Executive Protection and Security Personnel Psychological Testing

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

Psychological Testing: Texas (PPO Level 3 & 4), New Mexico (Level 3,) & Florida (G-License)


Psychological Testing: Texas (CSO Level 3 & PPO Level 4), New Mexico (Level 3,) & Florida (Temporary G-License)

Dr. D’Arienzo, is a former Active Duty Navy Psychologist licensed in Texas, New Mexico, and Florida and has reciprocity in 40 other states to include Arizona and Pennsylvania. He has conducted nearly a thousand security psychological evaluations as a civilian and in the military. He has developed a seamless process providing virtual and in-person evaluations and psychological testing.

Please do not trust your gun carrying related evaluations to just anyone. This is serious business! Cheaper means not a psychologist and cutting corners. Psychologists are the only professionals competently trained in psychological testing. Make sure you are using a psychologist if you are not using us.

We service individuals and companies seeking their credentialing needing psychological testing and psychological evaluations.

Dr. D’Arienzo is a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist. If he is unavailable for the evaluation in question, he has four other licensed psychologists to assist in the process. We can get you scheduled within the week and once the testing has been completed, there is a 24 hour turnaround to get your results. We work with companies interested in a building a strong relationship with us. We want to work with you in finding the right people. Please contact us at 904-379-8094 or [email protected]. Find out more information about us at www.drdarienzo.com

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We also provide MMPI Testing for Texas and New Mexico Armed and Unarmed Candidates. Also, find information about our Florida G-License MMPI Testing Here. Contact us to see if we can provide testing in your state or see our list here for more information about our guard psychological evaluations and MMPI testing and other states we service here.