What Is Divorce Coaching?

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What is divorce coaching?


You have tried everything you can, but your marriage has reached a level of toxicity that can no longer be handled. The questions going into the process of divorce are numerous and never ending as you start to consider it as an effective option. Divorce has the potential to be a difficult and lonely road if you go it alone, and it’s not uncommon to experience emotional fatigue from contemplating divorce, especially when children are involved. The likelihood of divorce itself is a life crisis for many people who go through the process. So, if you’re looking for trusted guidance on the matter, consider a divorce coach.

A divorce coach is a valued resource for those who are looking for a collaborative approach towards divorce. They are trained professionals who walk through all the aspects of divorce with you and provide counseling. They can also help to relieve the heavily emotional and overwhelming feelings that come from the burden of the process as a whole and provides clarity towards next steps. Divorce coaches collaborate with the other professionals on a client’s professional team to ensure the best results for the dissolution of a marriage. If you’re looking for a wide range of emotional, organizational, and motivational assistance, then a divorce coach is a great option to add to your team.

Here are several factors that may determine if divorce coaching is right for you:

  • You fear so much for your future that you can barely think clearly and make decisions for yourself
  • You’re not familiar with the legal process and would like support going through it
  • You’re struggling to figure out how to co-parent and create a parenting plan
  • You’re having difficulty deciding what to do once the divorce is finalized

Want to see if divorce coaching is right for you? Ms. Cynthia Salameh, attorney and certified Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator practices at D’Arienzo Psychology as a qualified parenting coordinator and divorce coach. Give us a call today at (904) 379-8094 to get started!