How Does Divorce Coaching Work?

Posted by: erica


A divorce coach creates a nonjudgmental partnership with their clients in order to guide them objectively through their divorce. While helping as a voice of reason when emotions are raw, coaches can offer an objective point of view. Individuals can adjust to the stress of divorce rather than being overloaded with it all by having a coach in handling the issues of divorce—not just a family law attorney to manage the legal side of things or an accountant to aid with finances. When we have the emotional fortitude to do so attentively, complex topics such as creating a parenting plan that matches the needs of the children, are less draining.

Expectations can also be tampered by learning about the divorce process from a divorce coach, which includes identifying options for dissolution, discuss the most effective way to obtain and complete documentation, and creating parenting plans that meet the needs and interests of the parents and children involved. Through this nonjudgmental relationship, coaches can assist clients in mentally preparing for the emotional turmoil they may experience when dealing with issues like effective co-parenting or asset allocation.

When emotions are running high, coaches can act as a voice of reason and offer an objective point of view. Divorce coaches assist with both the emotional and physical organization of the divorce process by helping them to determine what matters most in their divorce. They can also help their client to recognize and steer clear of some common pitfalls, such as:

  • shortsightedness
  • letting emotions rule
  • seeing only one aspect of the situation
  • failing to compromise; a desire for vengeance
  • letting family and friends exert too much control
  • failing to remember the best interests of the children

Coaches can be a crucial tool in preventing additional issues in the emotionally and logistically complex process of divorce. Clients can be encouraged by coaches to reevaluate or create new personal objectives as well as new plans for achieving them following the divorce.

Want to see if divorce coaching is right for you? Ms. Cynthia Salameh, attorney and certified Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator practices at D’Arienzo Psychology as a qualified parenting coordinator and divorce coach. Give us a call today at (904) 379-8094 to get started!