Virtual Counseling and Online Therapy

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

D'Arienzo Psychology 2021

D’Arienzo Psychology is offering the highest quality Virtual Counseling and Online Therapy services utilizing HIPAA compliant platforms such as Google Suite’s Google Meet and PsychologyToday, and Skype. We have four psychologists, four clinical social workers, one licensed mental health counselor, two Florida Supreme Court Family Mediators, and two Parenting Coordinators ready to serve you online.

Although we began providing online services prior to the COVID-19 pandemic to about 10% of our clients and patients, we are now providing virtual therapy, online counseling, and videoconferencing psychological evaluations to at least 75% of our customers.  With virtual counseling, online therapy, and virtual psychological evaluations, you no longer have to commute to our offices, although they are very comfortable, and you can instead remain in your home. Our virtual psychologists and other providers have decades of experience and are ready to serve you whether it is online marital counseling, virtual individual therapy, or a virtual psychological evaluation.

At this time, Tricare patients are authorized to utilize virtual Tricare counseling and psychotherapy appointments as well, and we have four different providers offering Tricare online counseling. At this time, we are only offering Tricare beneficiaries virtual telehealth and telemedicine (psychological) services in Florida.

Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, Clinical, Forensic, and Performance Psychologist, Certified Family Mediator, and Qualified Parenting Coordinator (adult clinical psychological services)

Dr. Erica Janson, Clinical, Forensic, and Educational Psychologist (children, teens, and adults).

Mr. Alan Lipzin, Tricare Licensed Mental Health Counselor (adults, families, and couples counseling)

Ms. Cynthia Salameh, Esq., Certified Florida Supreme Court Florida Mediator and Qualified Parenting Coordinator.

Mr. Joe Zichi, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (adults, couples, teenagers, and child counseling services)


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