Take Our Anger Management Course and Live Without Anger

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

It is Time to be Free of Anger?

As a result of taking one of our online anger management courses, you will live life without anger and be free. Is it not time to be free? Imagine never again exploding at someone you love or with a coworker. Additionally, we can help you learn to control your mood and your feelings of anger with our CBT based anger management courses. Although we probably cannot help you from never ever again being angry; we however, can show you how to better manage your anger more effectively.  In other words, we can help you today if you begin to participate in one of our 4 or 8 hour courses. Additionally, each course includes a certificate.

What You Will Learn by Taking Our Online Anger Course

Specifically, by taking our online anger course, you will learn about the physical and emotional signs of anger. Also, you will learn about the psychological, and cognitive signs of anger. Each has its own expression. Additionally, triggers also manifest in these realms, so you will learn how to identify each type of trigger you have, and the specific situations that trigger you, how to prevent them, and how to act instead.

Specific Relaxation Techniques You Will Learn By Practicing the Exercises Taught

We also provide instructions on progressive muscle relaxation and diaphragmatic breathing exercises to control the central nervous system. Similarly, another key to managing your anger is emotional regulation which you will also learn to do with our exercises. Those participating in in-person anger consultation services rather than online services are provided with biofeedback to improve emotional regulation.

Anger Course Options

Check out our 4 and 8 hour online self-paced anger management courses. Our courses are utilized by those being court ordered or mandated by their employers to take an emotional or behavior management course such as this.

Are You a Human Resources Professional in Need of Another Resource?

If you are an Human Resources professional and are interested in this type of emotional and behavioral management training for an individual or group, please contact us directly and we will tailor a program, online, individually, or in a group format, for your specific needs.

Online Anger Course Options

Anger Management 4 Hour Online Course Level 1 $20.00 Anger Management 8 Hour Online Course Level 2 $40.00

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