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Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

Dr. D’Arienzo, Expert Psychologist on Discovery ID Twisted Sisters

How D’Arienzo Psychology Worked with Twisted Sisters Film Crew

I had the amazing opportunity this summer in July of 2019 to be the expert psychologist on Discovery ID Twisted Sisters.  Our office was involved with the production of Twisted Sisters Episode 210, “The Bloodiest Bond.” My staff and interns helped to prepare me to be the expert psychologist commenting on the case. As a result of my staff and interns’s efforts, filming was a success. I was on vacation at the time in the Florida Keys and was flown back to Jacksonville for the filming of the show. My amazing assistant, Alexandra, coordinated with the crew. Prior to being chosen for the show, she researched the case extensively for me. As a result, I successfully interviewed for the show. The film crew and the director came to our D’Arienzo Psychology office in Jacksonville, Florida to film my psychological commentary.

Discovery ID Twisted Sisters Episode Plot Information

The episode was released on October 21, 2019.  The show was about a set of twins living in northeast Florida. In the show, I commented on the special bond, rivalry, and drive for ones own identity between twins. Psychological commentary also focused on the toxic relationship between one twin and her boyfriend. The non-girlfriend twin ultimately shot the other twin’s boyfriend in a frightening moment. She  protected her sister, killed the boyfriend, and then was sentenced to prison. It was a a great time working with the producers and the film crew as well despite this being such a tragic story.

Expert Psychologist on Discovery ID

I was the only one commenting on the case that had not been involved with the parties in any way. A lawyer, the prosecutor, several St. Johns County police officers, family friends, and a news anchor commented on the case. However, I commented, as an expert psychologist, about the story based on the production team providing me with a case file. I reviewed the case file carefully to ensure I was providing genuine and relevant commentary.

Media Psychologist

Dr. D’Arienzo and D’Arienzo Psychology’s other providers are available to the media upon request. Dr. D’Arienzo participates in local media spots at least monthly for various local news outlets. He has also been involved with NPR, Strange Addiction, Killer Kids, and the TD Jake Show.

Discovery ID Psychologist Dr. D'Arienzo on Twisted Sisters

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Psychologist ID Discovery Dr. D'Arienzo Twisted Sisters Episode 210


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