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Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

Premarital Preparation Course Nashville TN and all of Tennessee

TN Premarital Course

Our Premarital Preparation Course for Nashville, TN and for all of Tennessee costs $30 per couple.

Tennessee Premarital Preparation Course Discount

In addition to falling more deep in love and becoming more knowledgeable about yourselves and each other, you will save $60 on your Tennessee Marriage License. That is a great discount! Our course is virtually free based on your total savings!

How Do I Access the Official Premarital Online Course?

You gain access to the Nashville, Tennessee Premarital Course by clicking on the following link: Online TN Premarital Preparation Course. Remember, anyone that is marrying in Tennessee, in any county there, can use our TN premarital course for the marriage certificate discount.

How Can this TN Premarriage Preparation Course Make the Wedding Process Easier and More Fun?

Would it not be great to save some money on your Tennessee wedding by getting a discount on your Tennessee marriage license ? Fortunately, we have a way. Take our Tennessee Premarital Preparation Course  and as a result, you will save $60 on your TN marriage license and fall deeper in love. This really is a great deal and a fun one at that.

How Can I Complete the Premarital Course Today?

Firstly, Nashville has become the mecca for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Secondly, Nashville also has some amazing wedding venues too, so while you are shopping for your Nashville wedding venue, you might as well take our online TN premarital course and save money on your TN marriage license and learn about each other too.  Thirdly, You can complete the course on the computer or on your phone. In summary, it is that easy!

Getting My Official Tennessee Premarital Preparation Course Certificate?

Tennessee premarital course certificates must be notarized and mailed to you. Certificates are mailed on the same day you complete the TN premarital course. Give yourself a couple of days to receive it. It is an easy process. We have been offering our premarital courses since 2013. We have perfected the system!

Let us know if we can answer any questions or point you in the right direction.

Why Take Our Course?

Our course is the only one on the market created by a board certified clinical psychologist and national divorce expert. Dr. D’Arienzo is an expert in everything psychology.


Make sure you turn your Notarized and Official Tennessee Premarital Course Certificate into the Davidson, County TN Court House to receive your TN Marriage License Discount.

Premarital Preparation Course Davidson County Tennessee

Board Certified Clinical Psychologist, Dr. D'Arienzo. Forensic Psychology. Performance Psychology. Premarital, anger management, parenting, high conflict, infidelity, and divorce courses

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