New online marriage and couples courses

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

New online marriage and couples courses

The D’Arienzo Psychological Group would like to announce the addition of two online courses for couples. We are now offering an online premarital preparation course for $19.99 and a marriage and relationship tune up course for $24.99. Each course is self-guided and can be completed in 4-6 hours depending on the amount of effort exerted. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

The online premarital preparation course allows couples to avoid the three day wait period in order to be married in addition to giving them a boost toward happiness and a buffer from potential problems. Also completing the course gives you a $32.50 discount on your marriage license in Florida.

The online marriage and relationship tuneup will assist couples or individuals in improving their intimacy, resolving conflict, and becoming more aware of their own behavior in relationships.


Online Marriage and Relationship Tune Up Course

Online Premarital Preparation Course