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Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

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Treating Veterans for psychological problems in Jacksonville, Florida

D’Arienzo Psychology provides an alternative to the Veteran’s Affairs Vet Center. If you have Tricare insurance we can provide behavioral health services to you. We provide couples counseling, CBT for depression and anxiety, and EMDR for PTSD. Please contact us if you are interested at 904-379-8094. Tricare services are provided by a clinical psychologist or a licensed mental health counselor.

Further, we provide DBQ’s for Mental Health and PTSD. Contact us today for more information.

Navigating the Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) process is a crucial step for veterans seeking to establish or update their disability ratings with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Understanding this process can significantly impact the speed and outcome of a veteran’s claim for disability benefits. This article aims to demystify the DBQ process, offering veterans and their advocates a clear guide to maximizing their claims.

What is a DBQ?

A Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) is a standardized form used by the VA to capture essential information regarding a veteran’s disability. These forms are designed to document the severity and impact of a veteran’s condition, directly influencing the determination of disability benefits. DBQs cover a wide range of conditions, from mental health issues like PTSD to physical injuries and chronic diseases.

The Importance of DBQs in the VA Claims Process

DBQs play a pivotal role in the VA claims process. They provide a way for the VA to efficiently assess a claim, reducing the need for additional medical examinations and potentially speeding up the decision-making process. Accurately completed DBQs can lead to a more favorable disability rating, increasing the likelihood of receiving higher compensation.

Navigating the DBQ Process

  1. Identifying the Right DBQ: Veterans should start by identifying the DBQ that corresponds to their condition. The VA’s website lists available DBQs, organized by body system or condition.
  2. Professional Completion: While veterans can fill out some sections of the DBQ, a licensed healthcare provider must complete the medical evaluation parts. Choosing a provider familiar with the VA system and DBQs can be beneficial.
  3. Submitting Your DBQ: Once completed, the DBQ should be submitted as part of your claim. It can be used for initial disability claims, claims for an increase, and even for appeals.
  4. Following Up: After submission, monitor the status of your claim through the VA’s website or by contacting a VA representative.


The DBQ process represents a critical opportunity for veterans to accurately document their disabilities and streamline their claims with the VA. By understanding and effectively navigating this process, veterans can enhance their ability to secure the benefits they rightly deserve, reflecting their service and sacrifice.