Infidelity Survival Guide

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

Please see our infidelity survival guide if you are the recipient or the cause of an affair. Most people that seek help after an affair and want to salvage their marriage are able to restore and renew their relationship. Restoring a relationship after an affair is not easy task. However, with the help of a credentialed relationship expert, a desire to repair, and some grit, peace and security can once again be found. Please contact us if we can assist you with this challenge, whether you are dealing with problems related to an emotional affair or a physical affair. Help is just a phone call away.

Saving your relationship with our Infidelity Survival Guide
Infidelity Survival Guide. Save Your Relationship Today!

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Immediate Steps toward Relationship Recovery with emphasis on Preventing Further Damage and Promoting Healing:

1. End the affair if you want to maintain your marriage.
2. Don’t disrupt daily tasks. The kids and you need a routine to cope with the discovery.
3. Keep the discussions balanced. Focus on positive aspects of your relationship as well.
4. Engage in self care to better cope with insomnia, anxiety, obsessions, depression, and anger.
5. Develop a plan of action for help. A plan will give you a sense of control and direction.
6. Participate in couples therapy with an expert and begin to process the betrayal.
7. Rebuild trust with transparency, consideration, and new experiences
8. Explore past vulnerabilities that led to the affair.
9. Don’t give up hope. The road will be long but know that 65 to 75% of couples whom have experienced an affair recover and remain together. Many couples create healthier and stronger relationships following an affair.