How to apologize after you get angry?

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

What is an Apology? The First Step After Your Anger Episode? Apologize!

Saying your sorry after you get angry is the first step toward anger management. Again, whether you went into a full rage or just lost your lid, the first step is apologizing. However, if you are in a relationship where you apologize repeatedly to placate another when you have not wronged the other person, then this is another issue and another article. The bottom line is, if you hurt someone physically or emotionally, then you should immediately apologize. You never know, your chance to say your sorry may pass quickly.

The Second Step to Apologizing! Show Effort and Change Your Behavior

If you have a real history of being angry and being out of control, the recipient is probably tired of your apologies. As a result, your apology will mean little without observed effort and consistent behavioral change. If this is the case, then its time for consistent behavior change. Saying your sorry means that you will be better. Hopefully you know how to make the right change and are able to cope with the same triggers that ignite your emotions.

Now That You Have Apologized, Getting The Right Type of Help For Your Anger is Crucial

That’s how we can help. In addition to our nine providers from psychologists to a mental health counselor who provide face-to-face psychotherapy and counseling, we have two online anger management courses that are self paced and easy to complete. Our anger courses and are very informative. One is eight hours while the other is four hours. We include an official certificate of completion that you can use for your employer or for court if anger management has been mandated for you. Call us if you need more information about our online anger management course. Check out our video about saying you are sorry after you get angry.

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