Get Anger Management in Jacksonville, Florida

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

Get Anger Management in Jacksonville, Florida

Get Anger Management Article by Doug Robinson, Masters in Psychology Candidate at D’Arienzo Psychological Group

Get Anger Management! Anger Management in Jacksonville, Florida is available at D’Arienzo Psychological Group. We offer Anger Management Training for angry teenagers, court mandated anger management client, court referred anger management clients, troubled employees, and for those trying to get a better hold of their emotions, behaviors, and thoughts related to anger.

Is my anger a problem? What is anger management? Do I need anger management? Anger control problems impact millions of Americans daily. By some, it is considered an illness because it has the potential to control and change behavior in an instant and usually without warning. Anger can rise up gradually or explode into an instant rage. The explosiveness of anger can cause the most normal person to change and cause harm to himself or to others. Anger is not prejudice, nor is it bias, and anyone can experience it. If left unchecked anger can cause severe damage physically and mentally.

Anger has several levels and each level is measured by the amount of intensity at discharge. Anger usually reveals itself in different ways of expression. Subtle anger can be a fleeting emotion or thought of frustration at something or someone and be over quickly. It may be words spoken under your breath or hitting the steering wheel when you are alone. Anger can be a nasty Facebook post at someone you do not like after a sudden break up. Finally, anger can explode into verbal or physical assault at a stranger when driving to work or at home toward a loved one. These strong thoughts and feelings are deeply entrenched in the mind and continually raise negative internal dialogue that builds up until a discharge point is found. The discharge point can be anywhere at any time and is usually triggered from an outside source or stimulus that causes the release of the emotion. Make no mistake, left unchecked and without proper anger management, the release is inevitable. The build- up of intensity or pressure must be let out. Once out, anger shows itself in a form of abnormal behavior that shocks and harms everyone in its path. Anger’s discharge leaves many bewildered and hurt.

The best way to help in reducing and eliminating these thoughts and feelings is anger management training. The first part of anger management is awareness. Awareness is first acknowledging there is an anger problem. The need for anger management training is acknowledged when the individual accepts they need help to better control their strong thoughts and feelings related to the expression and feeling of anger. Once aware, a psychologist specializing in anger management treatment will then help to educate the individual on the process of the mind and help the individual understand just how and when these thoughts and feeling creep in and begin their work. A psychologist, specializing in anger management, will help the individual identify their triggers.  This psychologist can help one understand just how strong one’s mind is and how it works processing these thoughts and feelings and if left un-managed how the mind will continue with this pattern over and over again. The psychologist will help build a plan to be aware of the levels of intensity and, again, identify what triggers are and what specific outside stimulus may cause these feelings and thoughts in order to prevent and then neutralize them. The good news is that anger can be eliminated and the individual can be restored back to normal by changing the anger related cognitions, behaviors, and emotions. The individual can then lead a life of quality. Anger management treatment and anger management training are effective if treated or trained by a competent anger management specialist.

The D’Arienzo Psychological Group provides Anger Management Treatment in Jacksonville, Florida and Anger Management Training in Jacksonville, Florida in individual and group formats. Treatment is provided utilizing the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Approach, The Duluth Model, and a Solution Oriented Approach. Anger Management Training is available at D’Arienzo Psychological Group with a licensed psychologist, a licensed mental health counselor, or a clinical social worker. Anger Management Training is available for business groups, troubled employees, angry teenagers, or for court referred anger management treatment for individuals in Jacksonville, Florida. Please inquire about Corporate Anger Management Training.