Florida Premarital Course

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Where Duval County goes to take the Official Certified Florida Premarital Preparation Course

Our Certified Florida Premarital Course is $19.99 and was created by a psychologist (doctor of psychology) and marriage expert. Studies show that by taking a premarital preparation course, you improve the chances of remaining marriage and having a happier and more successful marriage.  Our Duval County Florida Premarital Preparation Course can be taken completely online. It is designed to be taken individually or as a couple. The cost is one charge of $19.99 per couple. By taking our course, in addition to improving your chances of having a successful marriage, you will also avoid the three day wait in receiving your Florida marriage license. You also will save $32.50 on your Florida marriage license.

Link to the Certified Duval County Florida Premarital Course (Florida Premarital Preparation Course)

Dr. D’Arienzo, a national marital expert who understands the intricacies of marital life and the challenges that relationships pose for most people. Using his time tested and clinical strategies, you will absolutely learn more about yourself and your partner and be better equipped to walk down the isle.

Our Duval County Florida Premarital Course is LBGT Friendly

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Learn the “Key” to having every lasting love by taking our Florida Premarital Course