Do we need premarital counseling?

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

Well, if you are looking at this video and wondering if you need premarital counseling, you probably do. If your partner continues to communicate with a a former partner by text, phone, email, or in person or if you both have not discussed your financial expectations or you are having trouble communicating about financial decisions then you absolutely need premarital counseling. Fortunately we have condensed 8 hours of couples therapy into a 4 hour online self-paced premarital course for Florida residents and those getting married in Florida. We also offer similar courses for Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Also, if things are going well in your relationship and you just want to save money on your marriage license, then taking one of our online premarital preparation courses for your specific state will do just that. Our courses are different as they are the only ones created by a board certified clinical psychologist and marital expert.

Premarital Courses:

Online Florida Premarital Preparation Course              $19.99

Online Georgia Premarital Education Program Course      $20.00

Online Texas Premarital Education Program, Together in Texas     $29.97

Online Tennessee Premarital Course     $30.00

Online Oklahoma Premarital Counseling Course     $22.00