Certified Texas Premarital Preparation Course

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP


  • Texas Sized Savings on Texas Marriage License
  • Avoid the Three Day Wait

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We know you will love our Texas Premarital Course. Our TwogetherinTexas Premarital Course is virtually free for you based upon the big discount you will receive for your Texas marriage license by taking our $29.97 course. We are certified by TwogetherinTexas to offer our course in all 254 Texas counties. We recommend getting your marriage license in a county with bigger savings if you are so inclined. Check out this Texas Premarital Information Page for this information regarding specific county savings. Generally, there is a $60 dollar discount in each Texas County. Some counties offer a free license.

We have been providing online premarital counseling courses since 2013 and love helping soon to be newlyweds!

Instructions: A password and course link will be provided to you once you make a secure payment through Cart66 below. After you complete the 8 hour online Texas coursework, our office will be automatically notified. Within one business day, we will register that you have completed our TwogetherinTexas program with the state of Texas, and an official certificate will be generated, and we will immediately email it to you.

Bonus: Nowhere else will you learn science based material to better the chances of marital success. Our material is based on scientific relationship literature and is taught to you by a doctor of psychology and board certified psychologist.


Saving you money and helping you avoid the three day wait to get your Texas marriage license!

Your Marriage License Savings Information for Each Texas County after Taking Our TwogetherInTexas Premarital Course

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