The Benefits and Effectiveness of Anger Management Training

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

The Benefits and Effectiveness of Anger Management Training

The Benefits and Effectiveness of Anger Management Training was written by Brett Wallace, University of North Florida Psychology Student and Future Psychologist, for D’Arienzo Psychological Group. D’Arienzo Psychological Group provides anger management training online, in our psychology practice office, or at your place of business. 

Anger management therapy has proven to be very beneficial and effective. Therapists often use cognitive-behavioral therapy to treat anger management. Beck and Fernandez (1998) performed a meta-analysis to test the effectiveness of this treatment. A meta-analysis involves the comparison of multiple studies in which the researchers of the study use a formula to standardize the scores. They then compare these scores to see if a treatment method works. The 50 studies used in this meta-analysis covered a wide range of groups such as inmates, abusive spouses/parents, and college students. The results of the study showed that overall people who engage in anger management therapy have significantly less anger than those who do not receive treatment.

Morland et al (2009) conducted a study in which they split a group of veterans suffering from PTSD into two groups. In the first group, veterans got standard care in person. The second group got standard care through video-teleconferencing. The results of their statistical analysis showed that there was no significant difference between the two groups, and that neither treatment was more effective than the other and both showed a significant decrease in the level of anger the participants had. The study also had even distribution of ethnicities. The video-teleconference method proved to be an effective method of treatment which allows people to seek out anger management therapy from therapists, counselors, and psychologists out of state or in a distance location.

Ireland (2004) conducted a study on the benefits of brief anger management therapy on prisoners. A majority of the prisoners in this study were sentenced to prison for a violent act. In their study they split the participants into two groups. One group received the therapy and the other was put on a wait-list. The group sizes for the therapy sessions were ten per session. The therapy involved twelve 1-hour sessions over the course of three days. The results indicated that the therapy was helpful in decreasing the participant’s anger level. This shows that multiple group sessions within a short timeframe may allow for a very time efficient route of therapy. Further research should be done to confirm or disconfirm findings.

Overall, research suggests that anger management in long distance formats, such as video conferencing, online counseling and training, as well as in person formats, are effective methods in treating anger management problems.

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