Anxiety Series for Teens/Young Adults Video 1

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

Anxiety Series for Teens/Young Adults


Anxiety Series for Teens/Young Adults by Jenny Lehman, LCSW

Teens today are incredibly resilient because they have been through an incredible amount of external pressure, especially during these last few months. Even before the pandemic, it seems that teens do not even have room to breathe. The good news is that teens today are extremely resilient because of these hardships.  Through these adverse experiences, you can learn about how strong you are. This first video goes over how Jenny Lehman views anxiety. The second video series includes tips and techniques to keep anxiety under control. In her view, each of us is made of three different parts.

  1. Essential self- Envision yourself as your essential self. Your essential self can be a spiritual self or a form of yourself that always exudes peace, love, and good health.
  2. Physical body- Your body has a lot of wisdom and is always giving signs for how you feel about different situations.
  3. Mind- your mind is separate from your essential self and your physical body. Just because your mind tells you to believe something does not mean that it is right. Your mind is extremely powerful. We know our mind is not telling us something right when we start to experience black or white thinking. Anything super dramatic and negative is not accurate.