Anger Management Classes

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If you are reading this, you may be in search of anger management classes. Anger management classes are effective in helping individuals gain the confidence and skills to better manage their emotions, thought processes, mental confidence or attitude, and physiological reactions when faced with a stressor.

In anger management classes you will learn to dissect each component of the anger experience and how to remedy each to make you more prone to control your anger rather than to lose control. One of the most important components in controlling anger is setting a goal to do so and being ready to make a personal change as well as having the confidence to take the leap of exercising a new behavior.

Most people that utilize our anger management training classes are either court ordered or referred by a loved one. Getting to the point of wanting to make a change and being motivated to follow through often only comes after one has significant consequences as a result of not managing one’s anger.  Once you have decided you are ready to make the change, you will need to set a goal. The goal should be something that you feel confident that you can accomplish such as I am going to drink less alcohol in situations where I typically lose control of my anger; or I will begin to utilize relaxation techniques when stressed or angered. A long term goal should be to resolve your anger issue completely, but attaining that goal only comes after you accomplish smaller tasks and goals in learning to manage your behavior, thoughts, feelings, and physical reactions.

We hope that you will chose to speak with one of our professionals in learning to manage your anger. If not, we hope that you will continue to read the helpful information and tips on our website. Also see our anger management blog at for more tips to better handle your anger.

D’Arienzo Psychological Group offers a variety of anger management classes for you to learn how to control your anger. We have Skype anger management, Facetime anger management, face to face anger management counseling, and online anger management courses that are 8 Hour Anger Management Class and 4 Hour Anger Management Class. Our online courses were developed by Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, our clinical and forensic psychologist, following the SAMHSA Anger Management Course which utilizes the cognitive behavioral anger management approach.

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