Alternatives to Psychiatric Drugs

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

Alternatives to Psychiatric Drugs

Alternatives to Psychiatric Drugs or Medication. Great advertisements created by the American Psychological Association (APA) about the misinformation about psychiatric medication and the benefits of psychotherapy.



I have listed additional videos regarding the dangers of psychiatric medication. These videos are from a campaign called Truth In Drugs sponsored by the National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers (NAPPP).







A statement of concern from the National Alliance of
Professional Psychology Providers
There is a crisis in our nation’s mental health care system. Many factors contribute
to this crisis including financial, regulatory, and cultural issues. One of the most glaring
problems in this crisis is the corporate practice of placing earnings and exorbitant profits
above the public interest at the expense of quality services to those in need. Using
Universal Health Services (UHS) as an example, this report clearly documents why mega
healthcare corporations such as UHS need to be held accountable for the services for
which they are contractually responsible to provide.
The enclosed report, “A Failure to Care,” addresses this crisis, by shedding light
on numerous violations of consumer rights at UHS’ behavioral health facilities across the
country. It is a report that needs to be taken seriously as it is essential to the public
interest that consumers of behavioral healthcare be protected against abuses by those
whose custody they are remanded. Among the many well-documented statements
detailed in the report are incidents of abuse, inappropriate reliance on restraints and
seclusion, medication errors, and failure to identify and treat barriers to recovery. Patients
suffering from mental illness are amongst our most vulnerable citizens.
Behind close doors under the guise of confidentiality these patients are at the mercy of
those who are responsible for their well being. Few would argue that healthcare
businesses should be denied making a profit but in healthcare profit must be tempered
with the public good.
The report’s authors, affiliated with the Service Employees International Union
Local 1107 in Las Vegas, are familiar with the difficulty of providing quality health care
services under UHS’ model of for-profit care. Understaffing, a practice so frequently
encountered in UHS facilities, is one of the most favorite targets for cutting costs. It
prevents health care workers – no matter how qualified and how dedicated – from
providing the best quality care that patients deserve.
As founders of the National Association of Professional Psychology Providers
and as practitioners and researchers, we are dedicated to promoting an effective and
caring mental health system. Such a system must be founded on respect for those who
are in need but also for those who provide mental health services.
To ensure that such respect exists in the mental health facilities of our communities
across the country, we urge that regulators, elected officials, and other community leaders
read this report closely. If UHS, or any other for-profit behavioral health company, is
looking at expanding into your community, we recommend that they be scrutinized as to
“what they say” and “what they do.” We urge all parties to consider the importance of
oversight recommended in this report, and take steps to ensure that quality care is
provided throughout the behavioral health system. We further recommend that these
corporate entities be required to fulfill the terms of their contracts. We, and UHS, can
well afford to do better.


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