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April 13th, 2015

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

Welcome to Jacksonville Life Coaching Reviews with Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, Board Certified Clinical Psychologist, in Jacksonville, Florida. I’m compelled to write about the subject of life coaching and life coaches in our area. Let me be clear, Life Coaching is a form of therapy or counseling that is unregulated. That means someone without any formal psychological, mental health, social work, or counseling training will assist you in managing your life and making very difficult decisions about yourself and your family. I am appalled by the plethora of life coaches without clinical training that are popping up all over the city. The reason for this growing profession is the opening of various life coaching schools both online and in person, and individuals’ belief that because their friends come to them for their problems, that they will be a successful life coach. Building a life coaching practice is nearly impossible given the plethora of professional impostures and actual credentialed mental health providers practicing life coaching.

People often choose a life coach because life coaching does not share the same stigma as seeing a psychologist or mental health counselor or because the seeker does not understand the vast differences of coaching professionals that are available to help.

Life coaching, when practiced correctly and by a licensed mental health provider, is an excellent avenue to chose if you are looking to make positive life changes and you are not struggling with a anxiety, depression, or another problem like marital or relationship problems. Life coaching is typically for those that already function well and are looking to function even better by setting and achieving goals and learning to takes risks toward being the best they can be.

It has been my experience that most people presenting to me for life coaching have an underlying psychological issue that needs to be addressed. I have obvious concerns that those individuals coming to see me could have been seeing a life coach without the requisite training.

I and my associate providers have been asked by individuals interested in life coaching if we are in fact certified life coaches. Asking a licensed psychologist or other licensed mental health provider if they are certified to life coach is like asking a physician if they are licensed to dispense cough syrup.

If you are interested in life coaching in Jacksonville, Florida, please consider seeing a life coach that is also a licensed psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, or licensed mental health provider. I can assure that these professionals do not need to take a life coaching course toward certification as their fundamental training is far beyond that of a life coach.

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