How D’Arienzo Psychology Worked with Twisted Sisters Film Crew

Posted by: Jeff Venn

I had the amazing opportunity this summer in July of 2019 to be the expert psychologist on Discovery ID Twisted Sisters.  Our office was involved with the production of Twisted Sisters Episode 210, “The Bloodiest Bond.” My staff and interns helped to prepare me to be the expert psychologist commenting on the case. As a result of my staff and interns’s efforts, filming was a success. I was on vacation at the time in the Florida Keys and was flown back to Jacksonville for the filming of the show. My amazing assistant, Alexandra, coordinated with the crew. Prior to being chosen for the show, she researched the case extensively for me. As a result, I successfully interviewed for the show. The film crew and the director came to our D’Arienzo Psychology office in Jacksonville, Florida to film my psychological commentary.