Anxiety Series for Teens Video #2

January 29th, 2021

Posted by: erica

Anxiety Series for Teens Video #2



Anxiety Series for Teens/Young Adults by Jenny Lehman, LCSW

A lot of teens struggle with anxiety that builds up and leads to a panic attack. Many teens claim to have a panic attack ‘out of nowhere.’ It is not probable that teens are having panic attacks out of nowhere. Our bodies are constantly giving us warning signs that something is building in us. In this video, we will talk about how statements in our minds lead to cues in our bodies. For example, one morning you wake up and everything feels off and you are not sure why. Your mind is racing, an uneasy stomach,  a heavy chest and as you start getting ready for school, it just starts getting worse. What you need to do before proceeding any further, is conduct a body scan on yourself. Start from the top of your head and move very slowly and notice where the anxiety is in your body. Once you locate the anxiety, name the anxiety. After naming where the anxiety is, figure out what you were thinking about when the anxiety started. Make a link between your body’s cues and your mind. Make sure to acknowledge your anxiousness. Pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day. Write down your thoughts throughout the day. You might notice negative thinking patterns. It is important to acknowledge your anxiety. Right now we are just noticing the thinking patterns, not challenging them yet. To learn more about Jenny Lehman’s anxiety counseling specialty, click here.