30-Day Anger Management Challenge Book

Posted by: Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP




30-Day Anger Management Challenge: 30 Simple Psychological Science Based Activities That Will Improve Your Anger and Your Life.

Do you have an anger problem? Do you have trouble managing your emotions? Are you easily triggered to see red? If I’m talking to you then I have just what you need. I have assembled 30 simple psychological science-backed activities that are proven to alleviate anger and improve emotional management if you practice them. You will use this e-book by reading a new activity each day and then practicing it. That’s right! For 30 days! The aim is for you to make each activity a new habit, and if you do, you will enjoy better psychological health, improve your relationships, and be more in control of your anger. Your parents, coworkers, partner, and children will thank you for working on your anger! A notes section is included at the end of this book for journaling exercises. We have both a softback version and an ebook version of this book.