Marriage Counseling and Couples Counseling in Jacksonville FL

Marriage counseling, also called couples counseling or couples therapy, helps partners by creating an environment where issues in the relationship can be explored and where each partner develops awareness of how their behavior affects the relationship and contributes to the problem situation. Couples come to therapy in the hopes of reviving love, sex, intimacy, and communication. Dr. D’Arienzo’s couples counseling practice focuses on changing relationship patterns and belief systems, whether counseling individuals, families, or couples. His emphasis is on helping clients change destructive behavior and thinking that prevent them from having positive and lasting relationships with the people they care about.

Dr. D’Arienzo specializes in these common couples and marriage counseling issues:

  • Infidelity
  • Money and financial stress
  • Divorce and step-children issues
  • Problems with intimacy
  • High conflict or tension in your relationship
  • Loneliness
  • Growing apart and losing the connection
  • Not feeling respected or loved

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Counseling Jacksonville Fl-Reigniting relationships between couples

Understanding one another, respecting each other’s opinions and accepting each other’s weaknesses are among the golden principles of living a happy married life. However, in the glamorous and insanely busy world we live in today, couples seldom get the chance to follow even one of these principles. This is the reason why there has been a rapid increase in the number of divorces. Couples no longer understand each other or respect each other’s feelings and instead of covering for each other’s weaknesses, couples nowadays point out the weaknesses of their partners at every possible instance just to show their superiority over each other. In this tussle the relationship between them starts to fade and the marriage becomes a burden for the couple and they decide that it is best to either get separated or to end the relationship altogether.

Although this trend of failing marriages does not look like stopping in the near future, there is still a ray of hope in the form of marriage counseling. It is a technique in which a trained marriage therapist discusses the problems that a couple have with each other in detail before finding a way to solve these differences so that the couple can bring their deadening relationship back to life. A relationship counselor or marriage therapist can provide a couple the help they need to save their marriage and can advise them on how to follow the principles of happy married living which are understanding, respect and acceptance.

Relationship therapists that are appointed for counseling Jacksonville are very experienced and trained psychiatrists who know about the psyche of human beings. By using their insights and knowledge about the human behavior, these relationship gurus help couples in working through their marital problems and reigniting the embers of love that got lost in the glamour and the hectic schedule of modern life.


Marriage Counseling in Jacksonville-Why is it so important?

Human beings have an innate need to be loved and cared for. This need of human beings gets satisfied when a relationship develops between them. Only when a person gets in an intimate relationship does he realize the feeling of joy and happiness and begins to think positively. There are some relationships that are made for us and some relationships that we form on our own. For instance, the relationship between parents and children and between siblings is one that is made for us while the relationship between a husband and wife and between friends is one that we make according to our own choices.

All the relationships have their due importance and need to be given the appropriate time. However, the relationship that truly defines a person is the one that he has with his wife. Being one of the strongest relationships that we make on our own, the relationship of marriage demands time and commitment. If this relationship is not given the appropriate time and commitment then it can break apart very quickly affecting not only the two people involved in it but also the friends and families of both the parties. Thus, keeping this relationship intact is very important and in the best interest of everyone involved.

The best way to keep the relationship between a husband and a wife from falling apart is to talk openly with each other. However, in cases where this strategy does not work then consulting with a marriage counselor is the next best thing to do. Marriage counselors are trained professionals who can help a couple in reigniting their love for each other by holding sessions with them and giving them useful advice on how to maintain a healthy marital relationship. Marriage Counseling in Jacksonville is the best example of this which has helped many couples in saving their marriages.


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