Premarital Preparation Course Savannah, Georgia

Welcome to the official premarital preparation course for Savannah, Georgia! After reviewing information about our Savannah premarital course, check out the top 5 wedding venues for Savannah that we listed for you below.


Buy Georgia Premarital Education Program Course Here for $17.97 Per Couple

Why our Savannah, Georgia Premarital Course is the Best 

Dr. D’Arienzo, Board Certified Clinical Psychologist, relationship expert, and recognized Georgia minister here. I have had the awesome opportunity to offer this self-paced four to six hour online premarital course since 2013. We have made sure to streamline the process so it is easy and enjoyable for all types of couples. The monetary benefit of saving 50% on this course is the best discount in comparison to any other state. Not only will you save 50% on your Georgia marriage license by completing this course, but you will also fall deeper in love, gain a better understanding of your partner, improve your relationship, and increase your chances of having a successful relationship with your partner. We are so excited to offer this course to you. We know that you are excited to be getting married too!

  • This course is available for all Georgia Residents and Couples Marrying in Georgia
  • Accepted and approved in all 159 Georgia Counties
  • Completely Self-Paced Online Course
  • Official Notarized Certificate Included Upon Completion
  • Same Day Certificates Mailed to you.

Here is How our Savannah, Georgia Premarital Course Works 

  1. Make a one-time payment of $17.99 in our secure portal and receive an emailed link and password to access the course.
  2. After payment, you receive a link and password to access the course.
  3. Once you finish the 4-hour course as a couple,  you will complete a final questionnaire.
  4. When you and your partner have finished the questionnaire, our office will be notified and then we will prepare your marital certificate by notarizing and signing it.
  5. We offer same-day certificates, meaning immediately upon completion we will mail you your certificate.
  6. Take your official certificate to your local Savannah County Courthouse to receive a discount of 50% on your GA marriage license.
  7. For more information, check out our Georgia Course Information Page.

Best Savannah Wedding Venues 

Andaz Savannah – Savannah, Georgia 

Storefront Photo

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum – Savannah, Georgia 

Storefront Photo

Hyatt Regency Savannah – Savannah, Georgia 

Storefront Photo

Savannah Riverboat Cruises – Savannah, Georgia 

Storefront Photo

The Gingerbread House – Savannah, Georgia 

Storefront Photo

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