Dr. D’Arienzo’s Publications, Memberships, and Media Information

  • Publications

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    • Research Assistant to Dr. Scott Fehr, Psy.D.,(2003), in the formulation of Introduction to Group Therapy: A Practical Guide, Second Edition.
    • Directed Study/Dissertation-Nova Southeastern University, Center for Psychological Studies,(2002). Maintaining Abstinence in Alcoholics Anonymous through Sponsorship: The Powerful Influence of Altruistic Behavior (Unpublished).
    • Leone, C., & D'Arienzo, J. (2000). Sensation-seeking and differentially arousing television commercials. Journal of Social Psychology, 140(6), 710-720.
  • Associations & Memberships

    Florida Psychological Association

    The Florida Psychological Association (FPA) is a voluntary, member-based, professional organization comprised of psychologists. With over 1200 members, it is the largest professional organization for psychologists in the state of Florida.

    Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

    AFCC members are the association’s best and most important resource. The AFCC membership network provides an international network of collegiality, support and timely access to information and resources. AFCC members gather, in person and electronically, to exchange information, share perspectives and work collaboratively on projects.

    American Academy of Clinical Psychology

    The American Academy of Clinical Psychology is an organization of Board Certified psychologists in the specialty of Clinical Psychology who have joined together to promote high quality services in Clinical Psychology, through encouraging high standards and ethical practice in the field.

    American Board of Professional Psychology

    The American Board of Professional Psychology provides certification for doctoral-level licensed psychologists in 15 specialty areas. In 2017, approximately 3,900, or 4 percent, of licensed psychologists in the United States were board certified. About one-third of those were certified in clinical psychology, and 26 percent were certified in clinical neuropsychology. The mission of the American Board of Professional Psychology is to serve the public by promoting provision of quality psychological services through the examination and certification of professional psychologists engaged in specialty practice.
  • Media

    Dr. D’Arienzo’s interview with Action News Jax about the disturbing trend on TikTok challenge

    If you have children, we urge you to check in with them about how social media is making them feel - especially after a violent challenge was trending this weekend about school shootings. Click the link below to watch Dr. D'Arienzo's interview with Action News Jax about this disturbing trend.

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    Dr. D’Arienzio Discusses the Impact of Police-Involved Shootings on Offers

    Dr. D’Arienzo served as an expert for Action News Jacksonville to discuss the impact that an offer-involved shooting has on the police officer who pulls the trigger. He discussed how some situations require split-second decisions that can leave a police officer experiencing PTSD, guilt and self-doubt when forced to discharge their weapon.

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    D’Arienzo Psychological Group has been selected for 2019 Best of Jacksonville Award in the Psychologists category by the Jacksonville Award Program. The Jacksonville Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category.

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    How D’Arienzo Psychology Worked with Twisted Sisters Film Crew

    I had the amazing opportunity this summer in July of 2019 to be the expert psychologist on Discovery ID Twisted Sisters.  Our office was involved with the production of Twisted Sisters Episode 210, "The Bloodiest Bond." My staff and interns helped to prepare me to be the expert psychologist commenting on the case. As a result of my staff and interns's efforts, filming was a success. I was on vacation at the time in the Florida Keys and was flown back to Jacksonville for the filming of the show. My amazing assistant, Alexandra, coordinated with the crew. Prior to being chosen for the show, she

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    Inside the Mind of a Mass Shooter

    After the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, CBS Action News Jacksonville turned to expert Dr. D’Arienzo to discuss the decision of the alleged El Paso shooter to post his manifesto on social media. “They want to be remembered. They want to be recognized. They want to be viewed as a superhero in some way,” Dr. D’Arienzo explained. Having worked with patients who have fantasized about hurting others, especially in their workplace, Dr. D’Arienzo encourages anyone who has thoughts of hurting someone to seek immediate help.

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    Defense: Woman accused of killing Nassau County mother may be incompetent

    According to D’Arienzo, Kessler's past will be part of her mental evaluation. He pointed out that few people are considered incompetent to stand trial. “To be incompetent, one has to have a psychiatric or psychological diagnosis that impairs their ability to function, and they also have to lack the capacity or the appreciation of what they did wrong," D'Arienzo said.

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    My Strange Addiction

    Dr. D'Arienzo joins My Strange Addiction on TLC in helping a woman overcome her impulse control disorder and saving her upcoming marriage.

    How to Keep Kids Safe from Dangerous Apps

    Sexual predators are using apps popular with tweens and teens, placing them at risk of exploitation. Dr. D’Arienzo provides parents tips for talking with their children about this danger and help to keep them safe.

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    Florida Doctor, Psychologist Justin D’Arienzo

    From a Navy to clinical psychologist, Dr. D’Arienzo discusses the lessons he learned throughout his military career and how they impact both his personal and professional life.

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    The One Sign You Shouldn’t Marry the Person You’re With

    Before taking the marital plunge, many people ask themselves, “Should I marry this person?” Dr. D’Arienzo explains that there is a simple answer to that, and it might not be what you expect.

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    Coming Home Well – Coming Home Well – Dr. Justin D’Arienzo – Mental Health Stigma

    Suicide rates among our country’s veterans is rising at an alarming rate. As a Navy veteran, Dr. D’Arienzo discusses the issue of the stigma of mental health and the cultural changes needed to make a positive, lasting change.

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    Dr. D’Arienzo Explains the Possible Problems With Using a 5 year old Boy as Witness

    Can and should a child as young as five be required to testify in a deposition or courtroom? Dr. D’Arienzo addressed this situation in a very real case, and believes that the trauma the child would experience is too great.

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    Doctor Discusses Challenges of Mental Health Issues

    People experiencing schizophrenic and bi-polar disorders often make others in their community feel uncomfortable or frightened. Dr. D’Arienzo explains how the complexities of these disorders creates challenges for the legal system to provide an appropriate response.

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    Soldier’s Death at Ft. Hood Highlights Trend

    The grieving mother of soldier who died in a non-combat related death in Fort Hood believes he is part of a suspicious trend. Dr. D’Arienzo is sympathetic but believes that there is a more mundane answer.

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    JSO Officer Arrested On Child Abuse Charge

    When an officer is arrested for child abuse because she beat her child with a hanger as a form of discipline, was a line crossed? Dr. D’Arienzo believes that any physical punishment is ineffective and causes more problems than it solves.

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    More Teens Turning to Plastic Surgery

    More teens are undergoing plastic surgery for nose reshaping and other procedures than ever before, but is this a good choice? Parents should consider two key physical factors before allowing their child to have these cosmetic, explains Dr. D’Arienzo.

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    Are American Views on Infidelity Changing?

    Both social media and internet dating sites provide more opportunities for people to have affairs than ever before, but does that mean our culture is changing its views in infidelity? Dr. D’Arienzo and Dr. Kristina Coop Gordon discuss the current state of fidelity in the US and the challenges it creates for people seeking lasting relationships.

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    Expert: How To Get The Truth Out of Ruben Ebron

    When a toddler is missing and the only person who knows that happened isn’t talking, is there a way to get to the truth? There are many interrogation techniques that could help investigators find the boy according to Dr. D’Arienzo, who has extensive experience in this field.

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    Nassau County ‘Serial Stowaway’ Found Not Competent To Stand Trial, Released

    Marilyn Jean Hartman has illegally boarded flights, stayed at hotels, and been in other places she shouldn’t, and has a documented history of fooling people to get what she wants so did the judge do the right thing in releasing her? Under the law the answer is yes, and Dr. D’Arienzo explains why.

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    $1 Million a Month in Child Support? Inside a Billionaire’s Nasty Divorce Battle

    Whether there are hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars at stake, a bitter divorce will have a negative impact on the children. Dr. D’Arienzo discusses this extremely corrosive situation and the affect it has on the children and their relationship with the parents.

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    This Is Your Brain On Love

    A new study reveals what Dr. D’Arienzo always knew, that the brain is wired to connect with others and this comes down to relationships. He discusses the study and shares several tips to help relationships flourish.

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    Featured Psychologist on the Buzz. ” Getting Psychological Help.” Jacksonville Florida

    Dr. D’Arienzo explains the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist and some of the many benefits of utilizing these services. He also discusses the stigmas attached to mental health issues and the importance of overcoming them to seek help.

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    Online Dating with Heather Quick, Quick Law & Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, Psychologist on 4-25-2016 with Host Kevin Jeddings at WSOS Dating

    Dr. D’Arienzo and Attorney Heather Quick discussed how more women are initiating divorce, the challenges they face and how if a woman’s friend divorces, they are more likely to do so as well. They also discussed dating after a divorce, including the risks and possibilities of online dating.

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    Ruben Wants Five Year Old Testify

    A local psychologist said trauma would not be the only damage done if the child testifies. “If the child has to relive the experience and the child was aware of what happened, it would cause a great deal of anguish for the child, but it could also lead to more confusion and other troubled memories or even create new memories that the child didn’t have previously,” Dr. Justin D'Arienzo said.

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    Dr. D’Arienzo: How to Get the Truth From Ruben Ebron

    D'Arienzo has worked with criminal interrogators, even with detainees in Guantanamo Bay. He said police are likely using a number of techniques to try to pry information from an uncooperative suspect. "They've got to be very patient in dealing with the suspect that is not sharing credible information," said Justin D'Arienzo, Ph.D. "Every suspect is different and interrogators have to be flexible and adaptive."

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    Social Media Users ” Role Playing ” with Stolen Baby Photos

    Sharing sweet baby and toddler photos keeps family and friends updated on milestones, but they might also be used without permission for roleplaying activities. Dr. D’Arienzo explains the basis of this phenomenon and how you can protect your photos from being used in this manner.

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    Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach County Couples Can Marry Tuesday, Skipping Waiting Period

    The waiting period for marriage was temporarily suspended for gay couples who were recently granted the right to marry. This temporary stay is now over and Dr. D’Arienzo explains that gay and straight couples face the same type of relationship issues.

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    Arkansas Girl Takes 500-mile Cab Ride to Jacksonville, and Recommendations to Parents About Internet Safety

    A young girl, an online relationship and a long cab ride resulted in several frantic hours for her parents. This situation happens more often than people realize and Dr. D’Arienzo explains how serious parents need to be regarding internet safety.

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    Forensic Psychologist Breaks Down FSU Gunman

    After a well-liked and highly respected man guns down random people at the FSU library, people are asking what happened and what are the symptoms of mental illness. Dr. D’Arienzo discusses the various characteristics of mental illness and what people can do to help.

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    Clay County Girls Under Investigation for Animal Cruelty

    The decision of whether or not to prosecute two teenage girls accused of torturing a state-protected tortoise is now in the hands of the State Attorney. But some outraged locals are taking a plea for maximum punishment to the internet. "Cruelty to animals is clearly a warning sign," said Dr. Justin D'Arienzo. Dr. D'Arienzo is a forensic psychologist. He said there are three types of animal abusers.

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    New Push to Help Suicidal Military Members

    The delay in military personnel receiving timely care for mental health issues can result in suicide or attempted suicide. Dr. D’Arienzo recommends that these individuals receive help immediately.

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    ‘Fight or Flight’ Not Testified in Michael Dunn Trial

    The judge did not allow a counselor to testify about the fight or flight response human’s experience when presented with a perceived danger because the man was not recognized as an expert on the topic. Although he has no connection with the trial, Dr. D’Arienzo discusses fight or flight and its impact on behavior.

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    Beware of Online Dating Schemes or Romance Scams

    Studies support online dating; 20 percent of heterosexual couples meet online; 60 percent of same-sex couples meet on the internet. Dr. Justin D'Arienzo is an online dating coach. He said a woman's profile is looked at six times more often than a man's. Therefore, women are more susceptible to become a victim of an online dating scam.

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    Wolfson Grieves Loss of 2nd Student

    The loss of two students has both teachers and students reeling. Dr. D’Arienzo discusses how these events have impacted the children and the lessons they should learn from this heartbreak.

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    The Power and Politics of Cheating

    There are a multitude of stories about men and women in power cheating on their spouses, but way is this phenomenon so prevalent? Dr. D’Arienzo shares his insights on this topic in a CBS 47 Fox30 interview.

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    Spotting the Warning Signs

    People wonder how something so horrendous, such as the movie theater massacre, can occur without anyone seeing warning signs. Many blame the parents but Dr. D’Arienzo explains that parents may understand that something is wrong, but not the depth of the problem.

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    Psychologist Analyzes Suspect in Court

    When 24-year-old James Holmes appeared in court to face charges stemming from a movie theater shooting in Colorado, he seemed subdued. While Dr. D’Arienzo hasn’t treated this man, he does have a professional opinion about the signs that pointed to problems.

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    Mental Health Experts React to Colorado Shooting With Advice

    Reaction to the Colorado shooting was swift and chilling. Dr. Atul Shah, chief of Psychiatry at Memorial, said the impact is tremendous. Shah said anyone suffering from anxiety or depression should seek professional help. His message is general but clear and concise. Dr. Justin D'Arienzo, a clinical psychologist, said parents should also talk to their children. The goal he said is to put their fears to rest by encouraging them to live their lives as normal as possible.

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    Jerry Sandusky’s Defense

    Jerry Sandusky has been charged with rape and child sexual abuse, and his defense is that he suffers from hysteronic personality disorder. Dr. D’Arienzo explains the behaviors associated with this disorder and that it doesn’t equate to a valid defense.

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    Scars of War

    The murder/suicide of a military veteran and his wife tragically highlights the results of PTSD, a condition experienced by many soldiers returning home from service. Dr. D’Arienzo explains how PTSD impacts a person mentally and physically, and that other factors can add additional pressure.

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