Professional Memberships of Dr. D’Arienzo, Jacksonville Florida Psychologist, Life Coach, Couples Counselor

Professional Memberships (Past and Present)


American Board of Professional Psychology

American Psychological Association

Florida Psychological Association

American Academy of Clinical Psychology

National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts




Dr. Justin A. D’Arienzo, Jacksonville Florida Psychologist,

Life Coach, Couples Counselor, and Marital Therapist.

Diplomate, American Board of Professional Psychology
Fellow, American Academy of Clinical Psychology
Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator
Certified Parenting Coordinator
Florida Licensed Psychologist


Counseling Jacksonville-a special profession

Relationship counseling has emerged as a very important profession in the recent years. Saving marriages and providing help to people who are having a tough time in maintaining their relationship with their family members or their colleagues has become one of the most sought out profession. However, not every person can become a relationship counselor. The reason for this is that for becoming a relationship counselor a person needs to have certain in-built qualities in himself. He should be patient, impartial, persevering, honest and on top of that a good listener as well. In addition to this, he should be friendly and must know how to keep a conversation going. Usually all of these traits are present in a psychiatrist and this is why the best counselors are mostly psychiatrists.

Now, because relationship counseling is a very important job therefore it requires specific training as well. Only a trained marriage or relationship counselor can help people in saving their relationships. Untrained people, who do not know how to react in different situations and cases, only help in destroying the relationship between two people. This is why training is so important for relationship counselors. The volunteers who want to become counselors, first need to get the appropriate training before starting their career as a counselor.

The Counseling Jacksonville centers provide the necessary training to the people who want to be become full-time counselors. The training methods employed at these centers prepare the counselors for dealing all possible situations and cases with a cool and calm head. Among other things the counselors are trained on how to keep their emotions from interfering in solving the problems between two people. This is why the counseling training centers in Jacksonville are famous all over the United States and are ideal for getting training for aspiring counselors.