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Save your marriage today with Jacksonville couples counseling and marital therapy at D’Arienzo Psychological Group. Did you know that only about one fourth of divorcing couples report seeking professional help to improve their marriage? Due to the stigma that remains in existence about therapy and counseling, most couples wait an average of six years after serious problems develop before they seek marital therapy. In fact only about 10 percent of married couples ever seek assistance from marriage counselors and psychologists.

Dr. D’Arienzo, Psychologist and Relationship Expert, Jacksonville, Florida
Dr. D’Arienzo Licensed Psychologist and Relationship Expert

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Counselor and Relationship Expert
Dr. Dawn DiRito Counselor and Relationship Expert

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Counselor and Therapist
Alan Lipzin Ponte Vedra Licensed Marriage Counselor.

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Joe Zichi, Marriage, Ponte Vedra Beach Child Therapist, Adult Therapist and Counselor
Joe Zichi Marriage Counselor, Adult & Child Therapist

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How We Can Help


If you are reading this, you are likely considering seeing a marriage counselor or psychologist specializing in relationship and marital problems. We hope that you continue reading this important information. The majority of couples who go to counseling are couples who are considering divorce; however, there are many more whom are not considering divorce but are weary of problems ever improving in their relationship.

The most common reasons for seeking professional help are a lack of emotional affection and poor communication issues followed by divorce and separation concerns. Other reasons couples seek counseling include arguments, concerns about children, sex life problems, personal problems, pornography addiction, and trust issues like infidelity.

It is unfortunate that more couples don’t seek the guidance of a professional couples counselor or psychologist before significant problems become permanent aspects of the relationship. It is difficult to alter the course of a relationship that has been plagued by problems for many years.

The Choice for Ponte Vedra Beach Area Residents

Are you looking for Ponte Vedra Beach Counseling but you want to participate in counseling or therapy discretely and away from your neighbors? Are you looking for an alternative counselor, therapist, or psychologist rather than the typical counselors and psychologists that are in the fish bowl of Ponte Vedra Beach? Well, if you are willing to drive a short distance across the “ditch”, D’Arienzo Psychological Group has three counselors and two psychologists that may be just what you are seeking. D’Arienzo Psychological Group is a boutique style counseling and psychology practice located five miles from Ponte Vedra Beach and close to the Town Center where you likely shop. It was founded by Ponte Vedra Beach native and psychologist, Dr. Justin D’Arienzo.

Finding a psychologist or marriage counselor specifically is something that people often want to do privately. It is typically not something that one asks a friend about, especially if infidelity is involved. Most people find one of our marriage counselors or psychologists through Google or Bing rather than through a friend. For that same reason, we see many couples from Ponte Vedra Beach for counseling as they are unlikely to run into a neighbor in our lobby based on the mix of clientele at our counseling and psychology office. We also offer a back entrance for individuals that have extra concern about privacy. The processing of your initial appointment can be conducted completely remotely and then you can slip in and out the back door if so desired.

For those seeking Ponte Vedra Counseling that do not want to drive the five miles to our office and are reluctant to enter any counselor or psychologist’s office, we offer telephone counseling, and counseling by Skype and FaceTime. We will custom fit you with what ever type of counseling you are seeking.

75% of Married Couples Improve with Professional Counseling and Marital Therapy.

There is good news from the psychologists who conduct couples therapy research. The research does suggest that about 75% of couples who receive marriage counseling are better off than similar couples who do not following their participation in marital therapy. In couples counseling, partners learn how to effectively communicate with each other and understand how to increase certain aspects of their relationship that are associated with high quality marriages. Respect, openness, genuineness, trust, emotional connection, and support typically improve when both parties are committed to better the relationship. Again, communication improves with therapy when couples no longer feel unsafe in their marital relationship.

At D’Arienzo Psychological Group, we offer several services for couples, and we have five highly qualified relationship experts (and an attorney whom is a parenting coordinator) that can assist couples in various ways.

Our couples therapy and marriage counseling services include:

  • Couples Counseling
  • Marital Therapy
  • Infidelity Issues and Relationship Recovery
  • Internet Pornography Recovery
  • Divorce Therapy
  • Divorce Coaching
  • Parent Training
  • Family Therapy
  • Intensive Couples Counseling (Two Hours to Three Day
  • Sessions Per Your Request)
  • Intensive Couples Retreats