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We provide nothing but the best couples therapy and marriage counseling at the DPG’s Jacksonville FL Marriage Counseling practice. We have four no nonsense marriage counselors proving no nonsense couples therapy. Let us help you and your partner get back on track by improving communication, enhancing your love life, and getting you to feeling safe and secure again with your partner.

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Get Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida at D’Arienzo Psychological Group

 Would I benefit from Jacksonville FL Marriage Counseling or Couples Therapy?

If you answer yes to at least five of the following questions, you may benefit from couples therapy or marriage counseling.  The increasing number of questions that you answered “yes” to, suggests the more likelihood that speaking with a professional marriage counselor would be helpful. Of note, this is not an empirically validated quiz but is informational in nature. The questions were derived from a collection of items individuals have reported to me when presenting for couples therapy over the last decade.

Marriage Counseling Quiz

  1. Have I lost genuine curiosity about my partner?
  2. Do I no longer ask them about their day?
  3. Do I no longer think my partner is amazing?
  4. Have I forgotten what attracted us and brought us together?
  5. Is what brought us together no longer meaningful or fulfilling?
  6. When I face problems, big and small, do I call or talk to someone other than my partner on a consistent basis?
  7. When my partner makes a mistake, do I no longer give them the benefit of the doubt?
  8. Do I find myself constantly judging my spouse?
  9. Do I no longer overlook my partner’s shortcomings?
  10. Do I feel like I am getting the raw deal out of this relationship?
  11. Am I keeping score about who does what?
  12. Am I on edge or am I annoyed when my partner enters the room?
  13. Do I feel like I can never get a word in when my partner speaks to me?
  14. Is my partner not interested in what I have to say?
  15. When I try and approach my partner for intimacy am I consistently rejected?
  16. Am I wondering how I ended up with a person that is so different from me?
  17. Am I feeling like this is not what I signed up for or expected at this point in our marriage?
  18. Am I being left alone with the kids during my spouses’s free time on a consistent basis?
  19. Is my spouse spending too much time on his or her phone and being secretive?
  20. Is my spouse fighting against what I want?
  21. Is my partner telling me they are not changing and that it is up to me to fix things?
  22. Is my partner refusing to get help?
  23. Does my partner have an alcohol or drug problem or a problem with anxiety or depression that interferes with our lives?
  24. Am I feeling like we want to live separate lives?
  25. Are we sleeping in separate rooms for reasons other than health related problems?
  26. Am I constantly being undermined in raising our children?
  27. Do I feel like I am raising another child when it comes to my spouse?
  28. Am I constantly cleaning up my partner’s messes?
  29. Does my spouse want me to do something that causes me great discomfort?
  30. Am I afraid to speak to my partner for fear of reappraisal?
  31. Am I constantly bailing my spouse out of financial problems or other difficulties they bring to their lives and our relationship.

Obviously there are many more questions or concerns that one may have in their relationship or marriage where couples therapy and marriage counseling would be helpful. If you answered yes to at least five of the above questions, we would suggest that you speak to a professional, get a self help book, and or deeply reflect about your relationship. If you have children together, it is usually the best option to work on the relationship. Couples therapy is an effective method to improve your relationship. Contact us at for Jacksonville FL Marriage Counseling at 904-379-8094. We can help you!

Other Couples Therapy Services with Our Relationship Experts

We also offer Jacksonville Premarital Counseling in face to face sessions with our professional and licensed marriage counselors. You will learn many of the same skills acquired in traditional marriage counseling and couples therapy, but you will be ahead of the game because you will be better prepared from the beginning to have a happy and healthy marriage.

We also offer free online premarital counseling. If you are interested in free online premarital counseling, see our Florida online premarital preparation course. It takes four hours to complete, and once completed, you will receive a premarital counseling certificate that will enable you to save $32.50 off your Florida Marriage License. By taking our course and receiving the discount, it is more than free premarital counseling.  Our online premarital counseling course comes highly recommended by past users.