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We are offering our Premarital Preparation Course for free to be completed online. Much of what you see in this course is included in each state’s course; however, each state, depending upon the state’s required length of the course, may have additional material. For the most part, what you will see here upon completion, will be similar to what is offered in our official course pages. If you are interested in receiving a certificate for the course, you will have to pay for your state’s course certificate. In doing so, you will have to complete the questionnaire for your specific state as well. Find out more information regarding the requirements for your state by clicking on the links below. We are only approved to provide you with an official certificate for Florida, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma at this time. More states will follow in the future.

Please note that the State Courses below are complete and fully running.

Official Premarital Preparation Courses:

Online Florida Premarital Preparation Course $19.99

Online Georgia Premarital Education Program Course $20.00

Online Texas Premarital Education Program, Together in Texas $29.97

Online Tennessee Premarital Course $30.00

Online Oklahoma Premarital Counseling Course $22.00

Sample of Premarital Preparation Course

Introduction: Welcome to the Official Premarital Preparation Online Course. Our program is completely online. The course has six main sections, and in each section, you may either view the optional video (not included in sample) or read the corresponding material. Once you have viewed the optional video and/or read the material, each section has an exercise that needs to be completed. Prior to getting started, I would like to share a bit about myself, your course leader. My name is Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, and I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator, Parenting Coordinator, Custody Evaluator, and Relationship Expert. I am also known as the Relationship Doctor of Jacksonville, Florida. Much of my clinical work is conducted providing premarital therapy, marital therapy, and family therapy, while much of my forensic work is addressing some of the darker issues at the back end of a relationship like divorce therapy, high conflict co-parenting therapy, and custody evaluations for the children. As you can imagine, I deal with the great joys of early relationships, struggles in the middle, and the destruction that occurs through the divorce process because of infidelity, addiction, neglect, and abuse. Treating all types of relationships gives me a keen understanding of what is a healthy relationship from the beginning and what types of relationships survive the test of time.

Additionally, I offer a series of online premarital courses for several states to include Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and Oklahoma. In those courses, and in face to face premarital and marital therapy, I teach much of the material that will be in this online workbook. I have found that if the material is applied, couples grow closer, improve communication, and discover new things about themselves and each other.

Marriage is a challenge and couples need to ensure they have adequate skills to make it work successfully. Marriage takes two individuals willing to give each other (and their children) 100 percent even during challenging times. It takes commitment, trust, and hard work.

This online workbook can be done alone to learn more about yourself and your relationship needs, or it can be actively completed jointly as a couple, and you both can work the exercises together. Completing this online course book together would be an act of love and should be viewed this way based on the time commitment it will take to finish it. Again, If you are taking it alone, use it as a tool to reflect on past relationships and to ensure you have a healthy vision for a future relationship.

The course is broken into six sections below. Click on each section to see that section (To see more, consider purchasing one of our courses:

The Structure of a Healthy Relationship (Deepening Friendship, Love, and Intimacy)


Understanding Psychological and Emotional Needs


How Do Our Personalities Fit?


Communication and Conflict Resolution

  1. Complete Quiz and Questionnaire to Receive Certificate



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