Premarital Preparation Course in Orlando, Florida

Welcome to the official website for the fully online, self-paced all video premarital course for Orlando, Florida. We have hand-picked a few of the best wedding venues in Orlando to choose from. Make sure to check out these venues that are listed down below.


Why our Premarital Course is so Awesome 

Dr. D’Arienzo, Board Certified Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Expert here. We have been offering this course to couples beginning their marital journey since 2013. Our process is streamlined. It is easy and fun. You will save $32.50 on your FL marriage license, but that is only one of the many rewards you will reap by partaking in our FL premarital course. Other benefits from this course include falling deeper in love, improving your relationship, and boosting your chances of marital successful.  We know you will be excited to take one of the first big steps in your premarital journey, and we are excited to be with you along the way.

  • Course Offered To All Florida Residents And Those Marrying in Florida
  • Accepted in all 67 Florida counties
  • Fully Online Video Course
  • Official Certificate of Completion Included
  • Certificate Available Immediately by Email Upon Course Completion

This is How Our Florida Premarital Course Works

  1. Make a one-time payment of $19.99 to gain access to a link and password for the course.
  2. After payment, you will automatically be emailed a link and password to access the course.
  3. After completing the 4-hour course with your partner, you will gain access to complete a questionnaire.
  4. When you have completed the questionnaire, you will automatically be emailed a certificate of completion.
  5. We offer same-day certificates, meaning as soon as you finish the course, you will be emailed your certificate.
  6. Take your official certificate to your local Orlando Courthouse to receive a discount of $32.5o on your marriage license and avoid the three day wait.
  7. For more information visit our Florida Premarital information page.

Best Orlando Wedding Venues

The Balcony Orlando – Orlando, Florida

Storefront Photo

Harry P. Leu Gardens – Orlando, Florida 

Image result for harry p leu gardens wedding

Hilton Orlando – Orlando, Florida 

Storefront Photo

The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda – Orlando, Florida

Storefront Photo

Orlando Museum of Art – Orlando, Florida 

Storefront Photo


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