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Twogherintexas Texas premarital course

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Welcome to the Drippings Springs, Texas Premarital Course! 

One of the many great benefits of taking our Texas Premarital Course, TwogetherinTexas, is gaining the ability to skip the three day wait requirement to obtain a Texas marriage license and get married the same day you apply to do so. Upon taking this course, you will save $60.00 on your TX marriage license in Drippings Springs, Texas. When you purchase our premarital course, we will provide you with a fun and interactive course in a fully online format. You will save money, skip the three-day wait, complete the course in the comfort of your home, and gain a breadth of knowledge about yourself and your partner. See Our Official Course Information Page Here.

Buy TwogetherinTexas Premarital Course Here for $23.97

Here is how it works: 

  1. Pay $23.99 through our secure portal.
  2. After payment you will receive a link and password to access the course.
  3. After you spend 8 hours working on the self-paced course as a couple, you will complete a questionnaire at the end.
  4. Once you fill out the questionnaire, we will be notified, and then we will register your completion with the State of Texas’s TwogetherinTexas program. We will then email you a certificate.
  5. We offer same day certificates emailed to you.
  6. Print your certificate and take it to the Austin, Pound Town, or Drippings Springs, Texas courthouse and you will receive a $60 discount on your Texas marriage license.
  7. For more information, check out our blog or course information page.

Top Ten Wedding Venues in Dripping Springs, Texas

1. Ma Maison- Drippings Springs, Texas 











2. Canyonwood Ridge – Drippings Springs, Texas 










3. Camp Lucy – Drippings Springs, Texas 










4. The Terrace Club – Drippings Springs, Texas













5. The Lookout – Drippings Springs, Texas 










6. Blue Rock Estate – Drippings Springs, Texas 













7. The Ranch at Bell Springs – Drippings Springs, Texas 













8. Vista West Ranch – Drippings Springs, Texas 











9. Stonehouse Villa – Drippings Springs, Texas 












10. Cricket Hill Ranch – Drippings Springs, Texas