Premarital Preparation Course Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia Premarital Preparation Course

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Online Georgia Premarital Education Program Course

Our Georgia Premarital Course Is Easy, Fun, and has Multiple Benefits

Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia Premarital Preparation Course, the Official Premarital Education Program for those marrying in Georgia! As a result of taking our Atlanta premarital course you will gain knowledge about yourself and your future spouse. Above all you will ensure that you have a successful marriage. And for only $20 per couple by taking our course, the cost of your Georgia marriage license will be cut in half. Georgia has the biggest discount of any state for those taking a premarital course. Our course is completely online, is self-paced, takes four hours to complete, and will save you big money on your Georgia marriage license.


 Here Is How The Atlanta Georgia Premarital Course Works

  1. Immediately upon payment through our secure gateway you will receive a link and password to access the course.
  2. The course is completely online and was designed for the two of you to complete together by either reading material or watching the videos.
  3. After completing your review of the written material and videos, you will complete a short quiz.
  4.  Once you complete the quiz, we will immediately be notified and we will create a certificate and notarize it on the same day that you complete the course.
  5. When you receive the signed and notarized certificate in the mail, you take that to the county courthouse and you will save half the cost of your Georgia marriage license.
  6. Let me repeat, we have to snail mail you a notarized and signed certificate.
  7. We have been doing this since 2013; and therefore, we have streamlined the process and the course. You will love it, love each other more and save tons of money on your Georgia marriage license just by taking the Atlanta, Georgia Premarital Preparation Course, and all for $20.
  8. For more information check out our Georgia Premarital Course Page HERE or our Georgia Premarital Counseling Program Blog HERE.

Top Atlanta Wedding Venues

1. The Westside Warehouse – Atlanta, Georgia 

Storefront Photo

2. Hyatt Regency Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina

Storefront Photo

3.103 West – Atlanta, Georgia 

Storefront Photo

4. The Peachtree Club – Atlanta, Georgia 

Storefront Photo

5. Emory Conference Center Hotel – Atlanta, Georgia 

Storefront Photo


See our future course site at StandardmicroLearning  and our Georgia Premarital Course Blog.