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Glades County Online Premarital Preparation Course, Wedding Venue and Marriage License Information

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Our Online Premarital Preparation Course for Glades County covers the following cities and more:

  • Buckhead Ridge
  • Ortona
  • Palmdale
  • Lakeport
  • Moore Haven
  • Muce

Glades County Wedding Venue Information

Do you know that Glades County was named after the world famous Florida Everglades? Imagine visiting the Everglades on your honeymoon or during your pre-honeymoon adventures with your future spouse. In addition to the Everglades, Glade County has many wonderful public parks to visit with your partner and future children. Buckhead Community Center, Lakeport Community Center, Curry Island, Palmdale Community Center, Muse Community Center, Ortona Indian Mound Park, Ortona Community Center, and Washington Park Community Center are just a few of the parks that Glades County has to offer. Imagine taking your computer and your partner with you to one of these parks and taking our Online Florida Premarital Preparation Course. What a romantic day that would be and a great way to create a new positive memory together in Glades County as you are choosing your wedding venue!

We have listed a couple other of our favorite wedding venues in Glades County.

1. Fisheating Creek – Palmdale, FL.

Glades County: Fisheating Creek, Palmdale, FL. (Premarital Course) fisheating-creek

2. First United Methodist Church – Moore Haven, FL.

First United Methodist Church Moore, Moore Haven,

Glades County Florida Marriage License Information

Contacting the Glades County Clerk of Court regarding Marriage is easy using one of the following options.

By Phone:     863.946.6010

By Fax:           863.946.0560

By Mail:         500 Avenue J, P.O. Box 10, Moorehaven, FL 33471

By E-Mail: [email protected]