Oklahoma Premarital Counseling Program Online

Oklahoma Premarital Counseling Program Online (Under Construction)

Qualified Premarital Counseling Program Online Course for Oklahoma Residents

Completely Online Oklahoma Premarital Counseling Course

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Save $45 Off Your Oklahoma Marriage License (License is $5 with Our Course Certificate)

$22 Per Couple


Welcome to the Official $22 Oklahoma Premarital Counseling Program Online Course, where Oklahoma comes for online premarital preparation counseling to prepare for their marriages and to save money. Did you know in the state of Oklahoma, its citizens can participate in a four hour premarital preparation counseling online course provided by a Oklahoma health care provider or an active member of the clergy. I am licensed clinical psychologist in Florida, but not in Oklahoma; however, I am an ordained minister recognized in the state of Oklahoma to administer a premarital counseling course which qualifies me to provide you with our Oklahoma Premarital Counseling Program Online Course and an official certificate that will save you money on your Oklahoma marriage license. A marriage license in Oklahoma costs $50. By taking our premarital course, your cost for your marriage license is $5. That is a $45 dollar savings by taking our course. Our course costs $22.00. That means you will save a total of $23 on your marriage license including the cost of our course. Just bring our certificate to the court house and enjoy the savings and learn a lot about yourselves and each other. Again, by taking our course, you will save $45 dollars off your marriage license.

To review, our course costs $22 per couple and with our course certificate, the cost of a marriage license is $5. Without our certificate, the cost for a marriage certificate is $50 in Oklahoma.

How It Works

  1. Click on the Click Here to Purchase button above and below to make your secure payment (Paypal or credit card). We utilize an e-commerce site called Cart66 which accepts credit cards and Paypal. If you are concerned about online payments, you may also contact our office directly at (904) 379-8094 to make a payment during regular business hours (9-5) Monday through Friday. Both options are secure and quick methods to get started. Please note that payment for any of our online courses are non-refundable unless you accidentally purchase more than one.
  2. Once payment has been received for the course, you will receive an automatic email with the password and the login page, or you can use the password sent to you and click here: Login to the Oklahoma Premarital Preparation Course Login Page or at https://drdarienzo1.wpengine.com under the courses tab.
  3. After logging in with the password, you will have one year to complete the course. Oklahoma law requires that you spend at least 4 hours on the premarital course. Our Online Oklahoma premarital course is structured to be completed with exercises and takes at least 4 hours if completed as instructed. Please follow the Oklahoma statute by spending at least 4 hours on the course. Once you have finished reading through the material and completing the exercises, you will need to take the quiz. Please take your time and fill out the information accurately. After the quiz has been submitted, we will be notified, and we will mail you your Official Oklahoma Premarital Counseling Course Certificate Form within one business day. It often takes three to four days for mail to reach Oklahoma so please plan ahead. Call us about any questions you may have.



Our Tennessee Premarital Preparation Online Course is accepted in all Tennessee counties:

2014 Oklahoma Statutes
Title 43. Marriage and Family
§43-5.1. Premarital counseling.

Universal Citation: 43 OK Stat § 43-5.1 (2014)

A. The clerk of the district court shall reduce the fee for a marriage license as prescribed by Section 31 of Title 28 of the Oklahoma Statutes to persons who have successfully completed a premarital counseling program meeting the conditions specified by this section.

B. 1. A premarital counseling program shall be conducted by a health professional, an official representative of a religious institution, or a person trained by the principal authors or duly authorized agents of the principal authors of nationally recognized marriage education curriculum including, but not limited to, Prevention & Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP). Upon successful completion of the program, the counseling program provider shall issue to the persons a certificate signed by the instructor of the counseling program. The certificate shall state that the named persons have successfully completed the premarital counseling requirements. A minimum of four (4) hours of education or counseling shall be necessary for successful completion of the marriage education curriculum.

2. For purposes of this subsection, the term “health professional” means a person licensed or certified by this state to practice psychiatry or psychology; a licensed social worker with experience in marriage counseling; a licensed marital and family therapist; or a licensed professional counselor.

Added by Laws 1999, c. 174, § 2, eff. Nov. 1, 1999. Amended by Laws 2006, c. 206, § 1, eff. Nov. 1, 2006.

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Dr. D’Arienzo’s Ordination Certificate

Dr. D'Arienzo's Ordination Certificate

Planning a Summer Wedding in Oklahoma?

Summer is a wonderful time to get married in Oklahoma. Let us help you save money on your marriage license and improve your relationship before you get married. Why not start the summer off right and take our course designed just for you before you marry this summer. Please call us at 904-574-4917 or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.