St. Johns County Online Premarital Preparation Course

St. Johns County Online Premarital Preparation Course, Wedding Venue and Marriage License Information

Welcome to the Online Premarital Preparation Course in St. Johns County.

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Avoid the three day wait requirement and save $32.50 on your marriage license St. Johns County.

Here’s how it works:

The Hillsborough County Courthouse will discount your marriage license fee from $93.50 to $61.00 upon completing our online premarital course. The standard fee for a marriage license is $93.50, however, applicants who have completed our state-sanctioned online premarital preparation course within the past 12 months, are entitled to a discount ($32.50), making their fee $61.00.

The cost of our the course is $14.97, so you will actually SAVE $12.51 on your marriage license and there will be no out of pocket cost.

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St. Johns County Wedding Venue Information

1. Lightner Museum – St Augustine, FL 

St. Johns County Online Premarital Preparation Course

2. River House Events – St Augustine, FL 

3. Slammer & Squire Golf Course – St Augustine, FL

4. Treasury on the Plaza – St Augustine, FL

St. Johns County Online Premarital Preparation Course

5. Weddings at Colonial Quarters – St Augustine, FL

6. World Golf Village Resort Hotel – St. Augustine, FL

St. Johns County Online Premarital Preparation Course

St. Johns County Marriage License Information

  • Both parties must be present and have an acceptable form of picture identification, drivers license are preferred. If you are not a U.S. citizen, a valid passport must be presented.
  • Social Security numbers will need to be provided. If either or both parties are not U.S. residents, then a valid passport will act in lieu of the Social Security number.
  • It is required by Florida Law that a Family Law Handbook be read prior to issuance of the marriage license.
  • If either party has been previously married before, the exact date of the last terminated marriage must be known.
  • If 16 or 17 years of age, both parents must sign and have notarized aCertificate of Consent for Marriage. If under 16 years a court order must be obtained. Exception is a minor that has been married before, as they are considered an adult.
  • The state of Florida now requires a 3 day waiting period if both parties are Florida residents and have not taken an approved marriage class.
  • The license is good for 60 days from the effective date and can be used anywhere in the State of Florida.
  • The cost of the license is $93.50. If the couple has attended an approved counseling class the price is reduced to $61.00. The provider of the class must be listed with the Clerks office. Inquires may call 904-819-3640.
Who can marry you?

Any notary, Judge, Priest, Ordained Minister, or Deputy Clerk. If you wish to be married at the court house, just bring your marriage license back with you within the eligible time frame and the cost of the ceremony will be $30.00.

Changing your name?

If you change your name, be sure to tell Drivers License Bureau as well as Social Security. And tell your employer about your name change too. Making sure all your records are correct now means you’ll get the right Social Security benefits later. To get a new Social Security card, you’ll need identification that shows your old name and your new name, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree. If you were born outside the U.S., you will also need proof of U.S. citizenship or that you are living in the U.S. legally. The new card sent to you will have your new name and the same number. And it’s free. You never need to pay for Social Security services like this. Just call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 for information on how to get your new Social Security Card.

Need further information?

Any further information regarding marriage license may be obtained through the Clerk of Circuit Courts office by calling 904-819-3640.