Couples and Relationship Counseling

Does couples counseling increase relationship Intimacy?

Couples counseling and marriage therapy absolutely increase relationship intimacy if both individuals are interested, motivated, and open to new ideas about improving their relationship. Couples present for marriage counseling for many different reasons; unfortunately, they rarely initiate participation in this type of therapy to enhance their relationship. In fact, when I see people individually for therapy or coaching, they often talk about bringing in their spouse to work on enhancing their relationship. Despite our many conversations about this goal, it rarely happens.

It is unfortunate that we typically wait for a relationship crisis before we seek professional help. Fortunately, one of the main goals of couples therapy is to improve relationship intimacy. Our marital relationship is the most important relationship that we have, as it is one that we chose and one that needs to be nurtured through the lifespan. When we don’t nurture that relationship, troubles arise. When intimacy is lost, trouble begins to take shape as our relationship is more vulnerable to outside influences and the strain of everyday life. When we maintain an intimate close bond with our partner, we are much better able to weather the stress of life and our relationship remains strong and secure; we are emotionally full and we do not welcome the advances of others or make advances ourselves toward others. Men and women are bonding creatures and need closeness. For a relationship to work and be successful, our greatest bond needs to be with our spouse or chosen partner. Further, when we have a safe and secure bond with our partner, we can live a much fuller and happier life.

Again, relationship intimacy is key to having a successful marriage and a happy life, and one of the most important goals of couples counseling is enhancing intimacy whether it is a sense of emotional closeness and security or improved sexual connection.

In order to improve intimacy in couples counseling, Gottman methods, emotionally-focused therapy exercises, and solution-focused strategies are utilized by the relationship experts at D’Arienzo Psychological Group. These are tried and true methods that truly do improve marriages and enhance intimacy.

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